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Author Topic: Where can I get the original (not custom) OFP faces that comes with the game?  (Read 1353 times)

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Offline Sharpshooter279

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Where can I get the OFP face templates? It should be in the OFP directory, but I can't find it. I'm trying to look for "face7" which is Peter V.

I want to customize it so I can make it camo.


Offline savedbygrace

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I've sifted through the unpboed files as well as searched online but can't locate any templates other than the one offered in the past. I can only suggest copying the face of 7 onto the template and going from there. The camo can work well to hide imperfections.

Face list

OFP FAQ with face template

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Offline bedges

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Find the .paa attached.

Face textures are located in <your ofp game directory>/Dta/Data.pbo (you'll need to depbo it) and all begin xicht_

In order to tell which xicht_ file belongs to which face, take a look in the CONFIG.BIN in the <your ofp game directory>/bin/ folder and search for "face".

And finally, in order to visually determine which face you want match with its xicht_ file, I recommend Artak's excellent face resource.

Offline Sharpshooter279

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Thanks so much!! The only problem I had was how to view a paa file. I solved the it by getting TexView2. :D