OFPEC Tutorials

This section of the site is dedicated to quality tutorials written by OFPEC staff and members. It is related to the OFPEC FAQ in that these tutorials contain the information most often sought by editors, rookies and veterans alike.

If you'd like to submit a tutorial to OFPEC for inclusion here, contact one of the Editors Depot staff.

Tutorial Authors
Beginner's Tutorial OFPEC
MP Tutorial Spooner and Mandoble
An Introduction to Dialogs HeliJunkie
Norrin's Revive Script AI Enabled norrin
Mando Bombs Mandoble
Creating an Alpha Channel kalasnikov471
Arma2 Addon Editing Tools by Gnat Gnat
Faces ProfileTutorial hoz
Writing a Readme Cheetah
User Animated Section of Model - Tutorial Gnat
Creating and using SQF functions Spooner
Tip of the week archive hoz
Multiple Parameters in MP Lobby hoz
RTM Animation Tutorial Gnat
Preparing images with MS Paint savedbygrace
Direct Links to GamePark Addons savedbygrace