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Re: [SP] The Hit
« Reply #15 on: 22 Aug 2007, 10:38:48 »
dis suposed 2 give me lead 1ce som1 updates my score.... :D :P






1) i still think u shud remove da WPs from da map... dey dont feel like dey belong there
2) A link 2 insertion point is alwayz nice ;)
3) also some background info 4 da mision wud b nice addition (major bio, background story nything else)
4) da notes section needs a title....
5) nd i stil think u shud keep only da player as playable character


1) some enemy patrols around cud b nice... make it harder 4 da player 2 reach good sniping position
2) a medkit is fine addition 2 ny SF mision... not dat u need it 2 much in dat mision... but it can b kinda iritating 2 crawl all da way 2 extraction
3) da driver of da UAZ w/ MG shud get out 1ce i shot dagunner... also if da jeeps cud b movin ninstead of sittin like dummies in da middle of village
4) da enemies shud b lots more aggresive... dis time i didnt face ny resistance at all... i killed 3 ppl nd each of my soldiers killed 1 or 2
5) u cud make da base feel more alive in some ways... tents, fires, etc... all cud b nice addition
6) dere were almost no enemies in mision area ? its so strange.... im sure dere was no more dan a group all around... it feels like dey all run away...
7) mebe have da choper run take off b4 finishin da mision ??
8) mebe give da bbase some rienforcments... if roads r blocked u cud alwayz paradrop a group of especas or somin....




da mision somehow got easier dan last time i played  ??? also da additional objective every1 sugests is fine idea :D :P


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Re: [SP] The Hit
« Reply #16 on: 28 Aug 2007, 22:44:09 »
Hi, quite a nice mission!  :)


Was good, with plenty of HiRes pictures and an extensive Readme.


Well done with a beautiful picture.


None, but I would have liked to see one  ;)


Another good one, well written and quite long and it has the "obligatory" weapons selection for SF.


I ran towards the farm, took care of a soldier that wounded me, and suddenly the Mi-17 came rushing over the treetops. I tried several times to outrun it, but it was simply too fast. In the end, I shot it with the Stinger which did not down it but the helicopter was driven away anyway before landing.
Then I had time to look for the General. It turned out that the gentleman was nowhere to be seen, while the farm was defended by a few - but well placed - units. Especially nasty was the UAZ that managed to kill my whole squad before driving off.

So, I ran towards the roadblock, killing a lone soldier that was lying in wait right on the meadow. I noticed that the "WAIT" trigger still remained. It would be better to switch early once the officer has left the farm. That cursed UAZ was also there, as I could make out in the map. So I went trough the wood on the right flank, stalking the UAZ and roadblock. Luckily, I managed to kill the UAZ before it could train its MG towards me. Surprisingly, the General himself provided a challenge, because he was armed with an AK and subsequently quite alert. I managed to kill him tough.
After admiring the interesting photos he used to carry I turned around and headed for the hills. I must say that I was wounded from the firefight at the farm and just wanted to get out as fast as possible. But you made sure that this would be no boring long walk. The spec op tracker party shot at me but I could run away and finally reach my destination where I called the helicopter and ended the mission.


A mission exactly for my taste. Short and slightly challenging, but never frustrating. It only needs intros and outros to be perfect. Keep up the good work.



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Re: [SP] The Hit
« Reply #17 on: 07 Sep 2007, 05:48:29 »
Thanks for the review, Mathias!

I chose a really bad time to submit this mission, just started back at uni and I'm flying alot these days. Doesn't leave a great deal of time to ArmA.

Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to finish this one up!

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Re: [SP] The Hit
« Reply #18 on: 04 Mar 2008, 21:53:49 »
I'll review this one.


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Re: [SP] The Hit (under review)
« Reply #19 on: 15 Mar 2008, 15:40:24 »
Review Completed.

Feel free to continue the discussion of this mission.

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