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ok... never realy like flyin planes... specialy not in ArmA  :whistle: lets say it took me couple of tries just 2 take off  ::)

now it seems dis mision also wont work while i have maddmatts arma effects addon ? strange  :no:

so i restarted w/o it and heres wat i got...


1) pic needs a border
2) also seems like ur overview got 2 pages... in ArmA da second overview page is unuseable... but da arrow at da butom of page is iritating me :P :D


1) u cud fix a BIS bug :P and make da subtitles fit in da TV (add spaces b4 da stringtable entry)
2) Da voice of da phone is way too low... didnt even notice it 1st time i saw da intro (Saw it twice cuz i loaded da mision twice... 1ce w/o arme effects and 1 w/....)
3) u need 2 time da black out better... i get 2 see da pilot b4 it blackouts and den it sudenly blackins...
4) also da cam moves thro da building... need 2 change dat


1) da cam while talkin w/ technichian is realy iritating... moving like it wont decide who its lookin @ :P
2) da tour program voices were reallly really bad... comin out as noise (along da lins of mindnumbing khkhkhkhkhkhkkkhkhkhkhkh) at dis point i lowered da voice so i cant tell u bout da rest...
3) u shud probably hint bout da use of ArmA GPS (including a mention of da key it uses... i think deres also a way 2 figure out which key da user defined it 2 b...) actionkeysnames
4) another good idea is 2 make sure dat da speed of game is set 2 X1 b4 da cutscene starts (or it looks wierd... nywayz if u wanna give da player da option 2 speed thro cutscene dont play da voices if da speed is more dan x1)
5)i was fiduring out dat da satisfaction was in percents ? cuz i 1ce hit a satisfaction of 100.5
6) da part after da cutscene (ya know wat hapens :P) realy got me by surprise... 1st time it hapened  i was flyin slow and da AA just killed me real fast...
7) also 1ce i missed da triger and da hijakers shot me... it may b good idea 2 give da player some indication y hes been shot (da hijakers scream on him u mised it and stuff like dat...)
8) da text dat apears while howing da map disapears way 2 fast... u cud use dialogs 2 make it wait till a player clicks on it b4 it disapears... (and den u cud also give it some colors and not have it in white on da white map...)
9) it cud b nice 2 give some kind of landing manual in da briefing 4 d aplayers who never played flight sims :P (instructions wat 2 do w/ da flaps n stuff...) i landed realy bad....
10) Is dere ny reason da costumers keep satisfaction meter (dat keeps on slowly decreasing and it didnt mater wat i did ?) while ive been flyin towards da south plateau
11) from som strange reason... it seeemed dat da civies and SLA were shotin on each other ? when i tried 2 shot da hijakers dey told me "cease fire"
12) it seems dat if i dont get outta plane after landing... but try 2 take off again... everytime i slow down it saves and adds another "field repairs" action
13) i think da part in da south plateau mis 2 part... i kept getin killed by 2 shots from daescepas when dey were more dan 200ms far...
14) da debriefing is spread on 2 pages... again cant see second page

1) da black out b4 showin da rahmadi text is 2 short... like a blink...
2) also da text is showed over da black in and not durin da black itself
3) also u shud update da beta testers list... as now its empty :P

dats all :P

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Thanks LCD! I'll see about incorporating some of those changes, although frankly most of them are due to your lacking flight skills and my own laziness (particularly when it comes to camera scripting)  :cool2:

Version 1.11 should have "fully working" voices for everyone, although if you don't have any trouble with the voices in 1.1, I really do suggest you use them instead.  :) They're much more "optimized", and just plain sound better!

Also updated outro Beta-tester list in 1.11... thanks for pointing that out (it's in the readme though)

Wolfrug out.
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I'll review this one.



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Revie completed.

Feel free to continue the discussion!
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