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Author Topic: Fires in the bush - vietnam campaign  (Read 3376 times)

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Re: Fires in the bush - vietnam campaign
« Reply #15 on: 20 Jun 2006, 03:12:35 »
A great concept here man.
I like the idea of limited resources, and including consequence of the player.
Puts more emphasis on always being alert to attack, and the defences , guarding comms ,ect.
Looks like a well detailed basecamp and surrounding area ( villiages,towns,complex's)would be the order of the day too.

Very interested with this, and have lots of similarly original ideas on the same wavelength which you might like.
I'd be happy to help out in any way if you like too.

Just how big do you intend on making this ( if its still hot to trot)?

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Re: Fires in the bush - vietnam campaign
« Reply #16 on: 02 Jul 2006, 00:26:44 »
Someone went digging for this one :P

I also like the whole idea of a consequential campaign, mates, but it's going to take a bloody load of scripting. Course, XCess probably wont have a problem with that...
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Re: Fires in the bush - vietnam campaign
« Reply #17 on: 19 Jul 2006, 17:05:44 »
Johnson eh? That means I'll have to change the name of my Vietnam campaign's main character, Paul Johnson.
On second thoughts, nah.

Good luck with it mate.  ;D
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