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Author Topic: MP Command post idea  (Read 1048 times)

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MP Command post idea
« on: 21 Jul 2006, 12:37:36 »
A couple of weeks ago I had an Idea for an MP mission (and have been experimenting with it)

Basically what happens is its a coop Cti style mission, all of the playable units start in the back of either an Ambulance M113 or BMP depending on the side, when you die you spawn back inside the Ambulance and should the Ambulance be destroyed you imidiatly lose or you can no longer respawn/respawn over the sea. After some MP testing I discovered it was quite fun, with some tense moments like hiding the m113 and dodging missiles while driving it around aswell as some fun firefights (Tested with both JAM units and ECP)

Anyway what do others think of this idea?
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Re: MP Command post idea
« Reply #1 on: 09 Aug 2006, 02:30:56 »
Although I'm not into respawn-modes myself, I think it'd be great for urban fights, in big cities. Lots of places to hide that Ambulance... and ambush it of course. ;)