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Operation Red Zone
« on: 25 Aug 2003, 17:08:56 »
I'm coming out with a new campaing (Red Zone) my frirst ever campiagn and the first mission in it is my first mission i have ever fully made lol. I think its preety good though. As i am only 14 ill need help. Schools coming up and i can't spend full time on it. If you would like to help me in my campiagn please email me at or leave a repley. I have allready realesed the first mission to the campaign, as a demo. It is not yet published on the web, i have no idea what they are doing. The first mission is a classic assult the russian beachhead. There are 5 sides in the campaign the.

play the campaign and see if you would like to be part of it.
-I need voice actors, just for radios and in-misssion voices.
-Beta testers/Script editor
-Mission editor, i will give you the story line and then you work on mission's  based on it.


I can't "attach" the mission on here, so if you are intersed leave your email and ill send it to you. and if cz.ofp.gamezone gets around to it, it should be there.

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Re:Operation Red Zone
« Reply #1 on: 26 Aug 2003, 02:14:55 »
Hey there, VipNatePimp

I'm afraid we don't allow recruiting or advertisements in the forums. I suggest you check out the Recruitment Depot for your staff needs, and the Intelligence Depot if you would like to post some news.

However we don't allow you to do any of that via the forums I'm afraid ;)

Good Luck with your project

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