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Title: Operation Red Zone
Post by: VipNatePimp on 25 Aug 2003, 17:08:56
I'm coming out with a new campaing (Red Zone) my frirst ever campiagn and the first mission in it is my first mission i have ever fully made lol. I think its preety good though. As i am only 14 ill need help. Schools coming up and i can't spend full time on it. If you would like to help me in my campiagn please email me at nm11_13@yahoo.com or leave a repley. I have allready realesed the first mission to the campaign, as a demo. It is not yet published on the web, i have no idea what they are doing. The first mission is a classic assult the russian beachhead. There are 5 sides in the campaign the.

play the campaign and see if you would like to be part of it.
-I need voice actors, just for radios and in-misssion voices.
-Beta testers/Script editor
-Mission editor, i will give you the story line and then you work on mission's  based on it.


I can't "attach" the mission on here, so if you are intersed leave your email and ill send it to you. and if cz.ofp.gamezone gets around to it, it should be there.
Title: Re:Operation Red Zone
Post by: Sui on 26 Aug 2003, 02:14:55
Hey there, VipNatePimp

I'm afraid we don't allow recruiting or advertisements in the forums. I suggest you check out the Recruitment Depot (http://www.ofpec.com/training/index.php) for your staff needs, and the Intelligence Depot (http://www.ofpec.com/intel/) if you would like to post some news.

However we don't allow you to do any of that via the forums I'm afraid ;)

Good Luck with your project

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