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Author Topic: Mission idea  (Read 929 times)

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Mission idea
« on: 10 Apr 2003, 04:16:46 »
ok i got kinda a multi tier mission idea it has some but not too amny addons mostly the BAS lilbird and ranger DF pack and one of the bomber planes with LGB F15 or the F18 if it has them

the idea is there is a bridge like nogova or something that is controlled by the soviets and it is heavily defended against ground and air there is a radar tower somewhere and it controls the AA weapons on the ground

there are a number of tanks to take care of a direct assault and maybe a couple of choppers hinds or KA50s for ground support also

there are a few patrols of 5 or 6 men that cover a short distance outside the towns
and a good amount of men int he towns

the objective is to destroy the bridge to prevent the supplies from getting across for the soviets

the first thing i would do is start with a HALO insertion of the DF or Rangers with a radioman, a demo man and a LD soldier as a requirement but the guys would be the suppressed version because stealth is a requirement in this part of the mission

      their mission is to take out the radar tower

       to do this they must eliminate the small group of men supporting the radar without a guy making it to the radio and alerting the helos and tanks there is a building or something that would be the radio station if a guy gets in it the base will go on alert and then the mission will be even more difficult because reinforcements will arrive

      if they take out the radar tower and the enemy supporting it then the aa cover is brought down to visual shootdown only i dont know scripts but i guess make the AI in the tanks really crappy as far as abilities

it by no means makes the place defenseless from an air attack

     once in position near the target they stay concealed and laze the target for the LGB bombers to come in, this requires the radio to send the message

     when the bombers leave so does a platoon of tanks bradleys and infantry to take the city
once the bridge is destroyed your adio for the little birds to come in and evac

the SF guys play the most important role but if the game is done properly they should have the least kills


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Re:Mission idea
« Reply #1 on: 10 Apr 2003, 17:37:57 »
Sounds like an ok idea. For the bombers maybe you could use the B-52 Stratofortress addon?


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Re:Mission idea
« Reply #2 on: 10 Apr 2003, 20:36:14 »
its a precision thing otherwise ya wouldnt need the spec ops they would just get dead