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Author Topic: Soviet Crisis Campaign  (Read 1219 times)

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Soviet Crisis Campaign
« on: 23 Feb 2003, 18:44:47 »
Hi guys!!! :D

I have a proposal for everybody in the great OFPEC forum:

   What about a big campaign mission based on a fictitious conflict related with the crisis of the Soviet Union on later eighties?
   The story would consist on the insurrection of an anti-comunist/anti-government armed group, lead by General Juri Pjetrïanov, a maverick. This General, after a discussion on the politics underground with the secretary of the major-state for the Armed Forces, Gennadi Jefrimov (Efrimov), revolted against the new "perestroïka" (restructuring) system. Aspiring for a new order, the dissident general leads an almost entire army division, followed by armoured vehicles and an airfleet, towards the eastern side of Russia, right before the people's eyes... The objective? Build a main base, located on Everon and a logistic center on Novoga in order to prepare further attacks over mother Russia.
   Before this situation, the Russian take an attitude towards the dangerous behaviour of General Pjetrïanov and send a very skilled commando team and a few armour supported army units. The chace begins during Everon's overrun, where a previously defeated army section from the USSR meets with Ilia Solovjev, the high ranked Spetz Natz who's commanding the operation against the terrorists. From the main land, Nikita Krjlov, allied general (with guba's face), controls the whole operation and later on he leads a lightly armed group to avoid Novoga's invasion.
   The Cristal Mountain, the mountains of greed, near Regina, become the Resistance's hiding (just like on the Coldwar Crisis), lead by Vasilij Nakhimov, who's going to betray his fellows as a russian officer offers him lands and a dacha and garantees total immunity. This way, a corageous soldier, Sergei Demochev (very young: face Radan D.), becomes the  terrorist's obstacle, as he takes the commanding of a reasonably prepared Resistance (experienced from older conflicts - 1985).
   In Novoga the Resistance will be spearheaded by Aleksandr Rzaev, modest russian man and ex-Alpha, who's going to have a hard work with a badly prepared resistance group. No internal conflicts.
   The american role? Well, the american forces are neutral until Malden become's a target from Pjetrïanov's rage. This time we'll behold an alliance between the russian forces and the US army (change the soviet soldiers identity to GUER at 'mission.sqs' and Resistance on the West side). The american Colonel William Hawkins would be the leader of a section from the assaulting troops of the 101st Airborne Division (which counts with 20.000 effective soldiers). After seizing back Malden they would support the Russian on Everon's and Novoga's retrieving. Everon will be the first one to be counter-attacked, in order give this story a climax, when terrorist forces are defeated where they less expected.

The help I need on this campaign:

- creating terrorist addons, with russian uniforms bearing the "Nováya Rossja" (New Russia) flag (i already made it) and a few more aspects to be discussed...

- some scripting (i'm not bad at all, but i'dd need some help on this)

- Creating the T90S/U MBT for the mission (locate the mission on 1990 or 1989, as this tank was first manufactured by that time)

- Changing "Desert Island" (Intro.wrp), givin' it a new look, with some grass and yellow herbs. Create a military base on it, the Pjetrïanov's hiding

- Locating Everon, Malden, Novoga and Kolgujev somewhere on the Pacific ocean and probably give them some story and geographical specifications (like population, main language,etc.)

- Speaking russian (or at least, translate english to russian , i could speak it as i know cirilic pronunciation and my portuguese can be easily transformed into a russian accent ;) ) - In order to spare space, i think to shouldn't make sound files... just lip files.

- Having some military expressions like RTB and ETA (Ret.toBase and Estim.TimeofArriaval ??). Tactics will be also good

- Create a reliable and realistic artillery script which simulates the different artillery systems from the US and USSR: MLRS, Smerch, MSTA, Crusader Hotwizer, etc. I want them to simulate art-rocket fragmentation into granades or AT mines.

- Creating the missions and debuging them (Beta Testing board at OFPEC forum)

- Finishing/accomplishing the story ;D

Any volunteers? :) ( I hope so... ;D )

P.S. Credits and copyrighted info shall be integraly respected!!! Every script i make has some info about its origin (genuine, based on someone else's work, etc.). It's a condition for working with me >:[ ! (Cuz i don' wanna see some fellows complainin' and alegin' they made the script which we take as ours - or that we're using without permission...)

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Re:Soviet Crisis Campaign
« Reply #1 on: 23 Feb 2003, 20:21:08 »
da idea sounds kool ;D

and if u need help - just ask in da forums (som1 wil surely help u ;) ;D)

good luck in da work on dat ;D

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Re:Soviet Crisis Campaign
« Reply #2 on: 24 Feb 2003, 15:05:59 »
As u see, I allready posted the list of things on which I need help.
All i need is a bunch of volunteers to start workin' on this project.

You, LCD, probably know about my problem: OFPv1.00. It means that there are no addons folder, no Onmap... or SetVelocity commands... no Novoga... And it seems it will take a while until i have the Resistance 1.90... :(


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Re:Soviet Crisis Campaign
« Reply #3 on: 11 Mar 2003, 10:35:23 »


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Re:Soviet Crisis Campaign
« Reply #4 on: 11 Mar 2003, 23:09:41 »
It sounds good, but scrap the US involvment. No Russian renagade force would attack in the same way in the same place just five years after the '85 disaster.

You mentioned that the Everon Resistance would be prepared. Yes, they would be, but they wouldn't just be preapared tactics wise. The people of the Maldens would take measures to make sure an invasion never was successful again. They would have fortifications, ammo dumps, proabably some small outposts, and a reserve base of some sort, and at least some light armor. So in short, they would have an experienced and equipped army. After all, it's only five years later.

So I would take out the US and make an Everon Army, not just some resistance fighters.

Other than that..... :thumbsup:


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Re:Soviet Crisis Campaign
« Reply #5 on: 12 Mar 2003, 10:59:50 »
Hum... very good.

...experienced from older conflicts - 1985.
But forget 1985 crisis, or anything i mentioned about that. This is an independent story, not a continuing of the old conflict.
About Malden, I have already made a new base near Chapoi, a big one.
In what concers to Novoga, their resistance should be very poor and lightly armed.
The idea of Everon's Army is very good. Yet, if we forget 1985 and imagine there were no conflicts on these lands before, Everon's Army is an ilusion. Remember that OFP islands are very small. In that way, those islands belong to a certain country (Russia f.ex.), which has its own army. The solution should be an army division based on Everon.
Malden should be ruled by a different country in order to have an international conflict. I'm not saying that the US are going to be envolved... ;)