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Author Topic: How to update mission that have been exported to Singleplayer?  (Read 601 times)

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Why the mission is not getting updated when i export it again? example : i create a new mission, place a unit, and export it to SP Mission. I can play it from there now. Then i get back to the editor, add another unit, export it to SP Mission, but when i open it on SP, it loads the old one. Why?

Also ever since i created a briefing for the mission, the name shows like this in the listing : MissionName.Map.pbo . Can anybody help me on this?
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When the mission is loaded the game takes ownership over the file so the file can not be modified (or deleted) until the ownership is removed either by loading and playing another mission (IIRC) or restarting the game.
Bad game design or Windows  :dunno:

As for the name, give the mission a name in the intel screen: double click on the time/weather screen and it opens up the intel section where you can give a name to the mission. Unless my memory fails me.

Searching the forum is your friend, also even though this place is basically a ghost town please no cross-posting the same thing on different forums, won't get you answers any faster.  :cop:
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