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Author Topic: [SP/A3] Whole Lotta Stratis - Dynamic Mission (New version 0.999)  (Read 10064 times)

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Author: SaOk
Type: Arma3 Beta/ Single PLayer
Mission version: 0.999

Installation: Put SPWholeLottaStratis.Stratis.pbo to Missions folder in arma3 main folder (Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3)

Optional Addons for SP version (mission works also without these):
All in Arma (AiA) by kju
RH PDW pack by RobertHammer
AS50 sniper rifle by HawK
NV and Thermal Optics Pack by Uncertain
M16A4 Example by ToadBall
Barret M107/M82 "Blackened" by g00d69
R3F French Weapons Pack by Team R3F
FHQ Accessories pack by Alwarren
FHQ M4 pack by Alwarren
Kalashnikov AK-47 [ALPHA] by hotshotmike1001
Kalashnikov RPK74 [BETA] by hotshotmike1001
MK18 Pack [BETA] by ardvarkdb
A3B Temporary Support Vehicles [BETA] by ][Niipaa


Change Log:
Code: [Select]
-Important performance tweaks
-Player can now skip time at campfire
-Respawn added with new location
-Much gear crates added
-Empty Choppers/Boats added
-Unwanted Team-members can be deleted (via radio)
-Other tweaks/fixes
-More performance tweaks
-AI shoot flares at night time
-Air/Land Support can be called via radio
-Custom Voices are disabled now when in vehicle
-Other tweaks/fixes
-Added AI First Aid Support by DAP
-Added BIS artillery support
-Much additions from COOP version
-Added WIP intro
-Ifrit classes changed for new alpha
-Near 10 new story-written tasks (Some are to unlock features) with new insertion
-New briefing/setting
-Many new functions (alarms, sealife, armed locals, livefeeds...)
-Custom scenery (wrecks, some added military structures)
-Much other fixes/tweaks/additions
-DO TO: Proper story/events for late game, more cutscenes, gear gathering, outro...
-KNOWN ISSUES (Current game bugs): Wierd intro filter, Messed colors (double click N)
-Much are still "Work In Progress", but mission should be playable from start to end
-Vests arent removed for armed locals (no longer low on ammo)
-Shipyard zone updated
-Enemy mortars/alarmed choppers are more rare
-More crates added to zones
-Invisible zone capture timer added
-All in Arma (AiA)-mod support (adds animals, corpse effects, music, tents from A2/OA)
-Custom AI function enabled (AI reacts on sounds/dead bodies with sounds/voices)
-AI Mortar some less acccurate
-Engineer comes with replacements
-HOTFIX: Removed script commands removed
-Some other small tweaks (bigger update coming later)
 -New AI functions for camp/civilian-behaviour
 -Added random weather loop (Dynamic weather script by Engima, removed)
 -"AI First Aid Support by DAP" is disabled for player/player team
 -AI set less accurate
 -Some other tweaks and fixes
 -"RH PDW pack" by RobertHammer added as optional addon
 -"AS50 sniper rifle2" by HawK added as optional addon
 -"NV and Thermal Optics Pack" by Uncertain added as optional addon
 -"M16A4 Example" by ToadBall added as optional addon
 -"Barret M107/M82 "Blackened"" by g00d69 added as optional addon
 -"R3F French Weapons Pack" by Team R3F added as optional addon
 -"FHQ Accessories pack" by Alwarren added as optional addon
 -"FHQ M4 pack" by Alwarren added as optional addon
-Enemy/US reinforcements may arrive now from sea
-Enemy reinforcements may arrive now with air transport
-Added much empty vehicles/boats
-Added minefields
-"Sniper pack" content included (if detected)
-More civilian zones
-Surrendering conditions improved (for enemy)
-Other tweaks, additions and fixes
-REQUIREMENT: ArmA3 Beta (released 25th june) or dev-version
-Added Beta content (green army, new vehicles/units, music...)
-Some new tasks/scenery
-"Kalashnikov AK-47 [ALPHA]" by hotshotmike1001 added as optional addon
-Other tweaks, additions and fixes
-Reinforcements may arrive now also with land vehicle (+other fixes/tweaks)
-Submarine patrols added
-Some new populated fortifications added
-Sometimes certain groups arrive with parachutes (WIP)
-Car-alarm fixed
-"Kalashnikov RPK74 [BETA]" by hotshotmike1001 added as optional addon
-Many other tweaks/fixes
 -First task location is now random (6 different)
 -Second task location is now random (2 different)
 -Insertion vehicle is now randomly boat or chopper
 -Ambient Animals added
-Improved/expanded new intro
-New captureable placed houses/random houses on map with military camps/fireplaces/crates inside
-Added supply/vehicle parachute-drops
-New radio function to call gear drop
-Dropped vehicles now random in vehicle drop task
-Added birds and insects flying over dead bodies
-Included Briefing improvements by Khemitude (thank you)
-AI skill tweaks (random more human aimingaccuracy, aimingShake, aimingSpeed, spotDistance, spotTime for each soldier)  
-Performance tweaks
-Savedgames should now always work (I had forgotten old Ka50 classname to break savedgames near airport)
-Commanche wreck task works again
-Other tweaks & fixes (inc. another harmless loadgame errors fixed)
-Pick Up drivers throw trash & stuff drop from back of the truck
-New function to move stucked team-members
-Worst issues with the new DEV-version solved
-Many other tweaks & fixes
-Trash may burst from back of the pickup when hitting the car to obstacle
-Infantry patrols may be brought by truck
-Enemy infantry is brought more often with vehicle to battle
-New dynamic blacklisting for enemy spawning for locations player have just been
-New possible location for first contact (also pick-up spawning positions tweaked for all)
-"MK18 Pack [BETA]" by ardvarkdb added as optional addon
-Unneeded vehicle patrol zones removed
-Other tweaks/fixes/additions
-DEV-Version required to play (until new vehicles are in basic version)
-New Tracked Vehicles added  
-Some tweaks/fixes
-"A3B Temporary Support Vehicles [BETA]" by ][Niipaa added as optional addon (Adds extra task/supply lines)
-New small details (flags in camps, AI throws gemlights, civs drive quadbikes...)
-New fast dialog mode
-Task condition updates (optinal tasks may cancel, player is able to skip meet the locals task)
-At least one of the received US vehicles (in the task) have a turret now
-Custom voices/noises set louder
-Other tweaks & fixes (inc. engineer have now suppressor)
-DEV-Version required to play (until next official patch)
-High Commanding Enabled
-Infantry is now parachuting from chopper
-Guards for captured zones is brought with chopper
-Included latest DAP First Aid Script
-Custom voices/noises set less loud
-Few other tweaks/fixes
-DEV-Version required to play (until next official patch)
-New prestige value to buy support/gear/team-mates/vehicles from captured camps
-Local relationship values for civilian villages (bad news spread faster than good ones to other villages)
-Civilian relationship depend on civ casulties and nearby enemy losses (to be expanded later)
-Friendly villages have guarding civilians and possible special support for player (AA/AT-team, medic to be called via 5-1-1)
-New UI Elements for above stuff
-Disabled vehicles, left on road, have barries spawned around it
-Gear/vehicle-parachutes are spawned lower
-Less deadly sealife/mortars (WIP)
-Gear Drop Crate have always AT/AA-launcher
-Other tweak/fixes
-Note: New stuff still WIP. e.g. camp status have yet no meaning, also planning to create better system for unit purchasing
-Let me know if the UI is displayed wrong for you or you face other issues/have ideas for features.
-Added difficulty selection (alter prestige value rate, how fast enemy get new groups/how much enemy)
-Added ambient life amount selection (affects on performance)
-Enemy mortars can be disabled (including the task)
-Player can purchase mortar teams from captured camps (and use mortar fire via 0-8 menu)
-Player can purchase chopper transport from captured camps
-Minetruck can be purchased to make AI team-members to create minefields with simple "point ground and choose parameters"
-Player can bride village, set specialty for village, buy vehicles from villages
-Various tweaks (inc. cost of various support)
-Added guardpost creating system
-New civilian conversation system (WIP)
-3 new dynamic tasks do to for civilians
-Dialogs, opened with key push, open now without struggle

Key Features WIP:
-Dynamic mission using whole Stratis map
-Dynamic life generator for enemy/friendly units (patrols, scouts, camps, towers, slow/fast
-reinforcements, support vehicles)
-Enemy groups communicate to track player's position, offering still change to flee unnoticed
-Random positioned dynamic tasks to give different feeling for the mission every time
-Much optional, but meaningful tasks included
-All tasks have effect on generating scripts or/and bigger tasks
-Difficulty level goes slowly higher during progress
-Random events
-Much improved heavy dynamic civilian/animal ambient life
-Many Custom gameplay elements (Smoke signals, dynamic reinforcements...)
-Friendly AI groups fighting with player depending on relationship values
-Made with Perfomance Friendly Methods

3rd Party Scripts:
-AI First Aid Support by DAP

-SavedByGrace (US battleshouting/AI function voice-overs)
-Rejenorst (US battleshouting)

Coming in later versions:
-Better tasks, more features, cutscenes, story...
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Finally gave this one a try with the SP corrections.

I'm sure it's coming but for now there is not much of a story to begin with. The base is void of anything other than the 2 crates and vehicles which are limited in their support.

I feel as if there should be a primary support place to fall back to if all else is falling to crap. The base should have stronger fortifications and no way for the enemy to infiltrate so that the player can rest properly if needed. Currently, the base offers little if any protection against attacks and the AI don't seem to want to defend properly.
So, with all that said, I would certainly focus on establishing a solid base from which the player can launch appropriate assaults with. This is a huge mission that will require a lot of time and persistence to complete and rewarding the player with an adequate base of operations would not go amiss. Features that I feel should be added to the base are defenders that replenish and remain in cover to protect sectors, delete the dead when the player has distanced himself from the base. Also, a HunterMG with no driver but a gunner that will help defend the base with it's gun, when the driver dies or the vehicle is crippled beyond certain damage, they are deleted and replaced(so long as the player is not around).
Another needed feature are crates which restock themselves. This would not be so far fetched as there are many dying units out there and the possibilities for scavenging becomes endless. You could also add enemy gear as a result.

Taking an AO can be fun and challenging, primarily because BIS has done such a great job with the AI. But once an AO is clear, allied units spawn instantly, which tends to dampen the immersion. In addition to that, almost instantly, the base is counterattacked with spawned enemy. The allies don't seem capable of defending properly and I am stuck defending the same base that I just took, alone. One problem is that you spawn the AI into the towers which seem to be death traps at first because they are stuck in the swim animation from being spawned at [0,0,0] before being set positioned in place. I have conflicting feelings over the counterattack. On one hand it's only appropriate that the enemy would send units to regain their previously lost ground. On the other, how many resources do you commit to the task before you decide the loss would be too great? I liberated MIKE-26, and before I could get to Camp Maxwell, it was already retaken by enemy. I took Camp Maxwell and returned to MIKE -26 and retook it. Again before I could return to my base for re-armiing, the enemy had taken MIKE -26 again. This makes for extremely tedious and boring game play since it becomes the equivalent of having to replay a long segment of mission, repeatedly because the author failed to place a savegame. Having to fight for the same ground over and over because the AI can't hold it, is discouraging. I feel as if once an AO is taken, the allies should move to strengthen that foothold so as to strengthen the supply chain. If I can't keep moving forward, the mission will never end.

The roaming AI and vehicles provides fantastic engagements between AO's and further remove from my own surplus. The one thing that I found in short supply were mines and explosives to place a round a base for additional defense. I placed some that I had found on an engineer somewhere around MIKE-26 and was laughing my rear off as the AI would stumble into my hidden ambushes. It was so much fun that I would definitely look into adding more into base crates and vehicle so the player can have continuous fun with them. I would also add a respawning HunterMG to each taken AO to aid the allies in defense.

There were plenty of rockets......at the main base in the crate. I placed some in a Hunter but they become stranded if that Hunter becomes crippled. There are no other places to restock on rockets. How about adding rockets at enemy bases or enemy at equipment to restock my own?

How about also adding an engineer team that is captive to the enemy and will travel to where the player is to repair his vehicle or any vehicle that he encounters that is crippled. I attempted to pick up a tool kit but it wouldn't let me. Not sure why, it could just be something that I was doing wrong. If so, if the player can carry a tool kit, then you can ignore that last remark.

Unlock the vehicles. I was able to disable an ifrit and kill its crew but couldn't climb in to use it's main gun against another ifrit on a distant hillside.

The reinforcements are confusing. I clicked for some and got the message that they were being sent but had no idea where they were coming from and when. How about using a captive helo to deliver them near the player, perhaps even require the player to clear a landing zone and pop smoke?

I haven't tried the CAS or other options yet.

Once you get the base defense down, and are able to move forward progressively, I think this would become a good conquer the island type mission. Especially if the player can gather broken vehicles and save them at taken AO's.

Offline SaOk

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Thanks for testing, :) and many great ideas. I am currently re-creating big parts of the mission with proper different style tasks with story elements/cutsenes. All the support (+new ones) will be unlocked from sidetasks, there is some other tasks with meaning and player will only need to capture less of the current zones. I will make some of them as optional so the mission dosent grow too long unless player wants to.

Having static car with AI turret in camps is an excelent idea. Totally managed to miss that idea but going to include it. Also the engineer could be nice if it will work. I had the reinforcements arriving with chopper in "takiban's last stand"-mission. They could arrive randomly on foot, with land vehicle and chopper, also from villages. Chopper maybe could be left as later unlock, since I try to make the first part of the mission feel more resistance-like with very limited gear. Player leads US special team, sent alone to help armed locals. US presence will only grow very slowly until possible big wave in the late mission. With the limited content, the mission will be quite fictional.

I recently added the units in zones (camps) to appear smoothly. If player comes from far, they spawn straight on the zone marker where they walk to their house patrol route which reduce the land swimmers. After captureing, the replacements with come from out of sight. Also the civilians are spawned with own radius (taken from marker size) for each village to prevent them spawning in military camps. I havent yet taken a look of the patrol script which, for some reason, makes the patrols wander very far, totally ignoring the set radius.

Especially the new base camp with be more heavily guarded for player. I will add more gear boxes. There will be some kind of gear gathering. Player get mortar support only by capturing enemy mortars for friendly AI use. I will also rethink the vehicle part. Player should be able to move quite fast around the map, but there should be some big danger element for that too.

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Running on foot didn't really become boring during this test run because I didn't travel that far and there were plenty of isolated skirmishes to keep me engaged. I assume the same would be the case across the map and fast travel would not be necessary. But while we are there, the player can already fast travel with what he has, if he guards it correctly. You don't have to unlock every vehicle. But if a vehicle is damaged and not destroyed, unlock it so the player can use it as a static gun(if it has a turret). Don't delete them either because the player will come to depend on them as isolated storage lockers between points and may even bring a tool kit or engineer to repair it for transfer to a local base. I would also add a a way to replenish the ammo in the gun of those vehicles.

As far as the story is concerned, now that I have some idea of what is going on,  replace nato weapons with enemy weapon crates at the main(resistance) base. Make sure the players team is equipped with backpacks and carrying more of their own gear(magazines that support their weapon systems) and less of what can be considered universal gear such as medikits, he grenades, smoke and items that are usable by any unit(The first thing I do is remove all of those useless colored smoke shells).

As an idea, spawn the us team at a random spot around the coast of the island and make their first task to reach the resistance camp.

After they clear and secure each base, add more reinforcements, more cover objects and more gear crates to the original resistance camp to justify forcing the player returning to it and symbolize an accumulation of surplus without actually having to sort through inventory of every dead person, add it to a vehicle and transport it back to base. Or you could add side missions where the player must secure supply depots to gain things like more ammo, fuel or rockets, or vehicle ammo or medical surplus, mortar shells, vehicle parts for engineers to repair vehicles, salvage yard for engineers to fortify the base. Once the player secures the depot/yard, the default base is automatically upgraded. This will allow you to control when certain features can be used. For example, want CAS? Then you have to take down an enemy helo without destroying it, secure the crash site and radio for engineers to repair the damage. But before you can do that, you have to take the parts depot to gain the parts needed to repair it.

Need mortars, as you stated, secure some from the enemy and clear the heavy weapon specialist to transport them back to your base. They can't be used before that happens. But they will have limited ammo. You'll have to secure an ammo dump to restock your mortar support.

Need more infantry to defend a base? First you have to liberate a town of civilians to gain support, capture a market to attain enough food and resources to feed them and destroy a local warlord to relieve the pressure on locals becoming involved. (local warlords are paid by the enemy to keep civilians in check by threatening the lives of their families and their homesteads, killing the warlord will free residents in a specific area up to join the resistance as well as gain more territory for you to expand to.)

Need a helo transport? You'll need a captured and repaired helo, fuel and a clear LZ. If you get your helo destroyed by flying it into heavily occupied enemy areas, you'll lose your CAS and your transport until you can secure another helo. You should also add a helicopters somewhere so the player can secure a helo without having to take one down with a risk of losing it anyways.

Another thing that I kept doing was engaging allied helos. I presumed that the alies had none and I would shoot at the tail rotor. I brought one down and as the enemy began to disembark I started shooting; they were allies.

Yeah those mortars kept me moving. I had no idea where they were coming from or how they knew where I was but it caused me to presume that there were spotters lurking out there, sending my position in via radio.

I never spotted any civilians on foot in this SP play test, although I did see some vehicles. I spotted walking civilians in the initial play test when I had to place the mission in the MP folder before the update. That version also started me in the larger city. Do you have the player's base camp spawning at random right now?

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In the upcoming version, player team starts on ocean. His first task is to reach the island, then find a contact (leader of armed locals), then begun rising with the previously hiding armed locals (that are using smuggled US weapons) to capture one of the enemy camps (LZ Connor with added tower and armed bunker) to create base camp there. After that there is sidetasks - enemy mortar to be captured, on night time player can call weapon shipment with flare, enemy shipyard to be disabled to get more support, vehicle drop to get few US vehicles, the villages will be source of the armed locals, but they also appear randomly around the map as small patrols/fireplace camps. I also thought to add optional extra diving task, finding US chopper wrecks, sneaking into enemy base. Captured gear will definitely gather into base camp.

The mortars were virtual, but in the upcoming version enemy/friendly mortars will be there. Having AI spotters for them would cool too. I see if I manage to create function for it. Some event will be scripted more static, some will be more dynamic. I may first create some parts more linear and upgrade them later.

But I continue working on the mission and hopefully have test version in week or two.

EDIT: Noticed now the offroads have room for 6-7 men. That adds much new possibilities.

EDIT: Released new 0.70 version to preview the big changes. Still a lot to do.
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Hi, just tried version 0.74

I am as far as been down to the sea after capturing LZ Connor and eliminating the Mortars. Noticed that I have no flares so I want to go up to that base to grab some from the crates. But what happens is that you spawn a whole squad plus MG-Ifrit close by who totally wipe my squad and me out. It looks like to happen where ever I go when closing in on LZ Connor, and therefore I am stuck in this incredibly immersive mission.  :weeping:

Sorry, need to suspend testing at this point due to not being able to fight down the rapidly reinforcing enemy.

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The ifrits are very powerfull, but if you get close to them without them seeing you can shoot tires and the crew dissemparks. :) The ifrits also spawn mostly to invisible zones that could be avoided, but I agree those are very powerfull, unless there happens to be some friendly AT-soldier nearby.

I will try to tweak the game balanse for next version.

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Updated the mission with the new beta content that is out 25th day or currently already in the dev-version. I will work later more especially on the late mission.

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When I download the mission I get a .7z file not a .pbo please help.

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You need to unpack the 7z-file. You can find the unpacking program here:

Its similar to zip and rar, but better. Just need to install and then click right mouse button on the file -> 7-Zip -> Extract here.

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I have been updating the mission quite much lately. There is now dynamic blacklisting creating invisible markers to where player have been. The markers have first 500m range which gets smaller with walking speed before vanishing. Spawning dont happen inside those markers. Instead enemy patrols are brough with truck to begin patrolling in those zones. There is currently much trucks seen on roads making those more deadly for player. To lower the difficulty, I removed the vehicle patrol zones, also to keep performance better. Mission should be error-free too (except with optional added, there could be some missing classnames).

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There have been big additions - player gather value depending difficult level, tasks and other which can be used to buy more team-mates, vehicles, support, bribe civilians for better relationship... Villages can turn into friendly or enemy with specialty (guarding AT, AA, or medic team). Guardpost can be created with AI teams, minefield creating system is back in better shape. You need to only need to point mouse cursor to where you want mines to be placed. Video of those new functions:

I added the mission to steam workshop, which currently break mission if resumed. Else working nice already. Custom voices are disabled for now, but I will put those back in none-steam version at least.

Edit: Added now civilian conversation system + 3 dynamic tasks for it.
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