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Author Topic: An apeal for help or contirbutions in Arma for a better CTI  (Read 1434 times)

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So here is the thing. I used to script in OFP but that was over 4 years ago.
On my old PC I was working on a mission that I have to say I think was simpler in construction but surpassed all the Dynamic CTI style missions. Now I finally got Arma... (I know outdated again, I cant run Arma 2!) But my old PC with all the info on it blew up!

Now I stupidly want to rebuild it for Arma... So I am appealing for help. Maybe to make this into a multiplayer.

Here is the mission description i put in the mission discussion thread for OFP... but before my computer died I had almost finnished it. and made it better than the description I wrote...
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