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config.cpp scriptsPath = "custom path";
« on: 30 Nov 2007, 21:50:54 »
I'm having problems implementing kegs spectate  in a mod
specifically repathing the config "scripts" path for the respawnaseagull.sqs

default bis is
scriptsPath = "scripts\";
startupScript = "";
cameraScript = "";
playerKilledScript = "onPlayerKilled.sqs";
playerRespawnScript = "onPlayerRespawn.sqs";
playerRespawnOtherUnitScript = "onPlayerRespawnOtherUnit.sqs";
playerRespawnSeagullScript = "onPlayerRespawnAsSeagull.sqs";
playerResurrectScript = "onPlayerResurrect.sqs";
teamSwitchScript = "onTeamSwitch.sqs";

which paths to \ca\data

the path i want is for esp_sys.pbo and the subfolder "events"

I've tried all of the following varients

scriptsPath = "\esp_sys\events\";
scriptsPath = "..\esp_sys\events\";
scriptsPath = "esp_sys\events\";

any ideas ?

what i would prefer not to do is add the ca.pbo to the mod addon folder if it can be helped, thus saving nearly 60mb
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Re: config.cpp scriptsPath = "custom path";
« Reply #1 on: 03 Dec 2007, 05:02:06 »
Sorry if I misunderstood, but, if the pbo is called esp.pbo, surely the path would be:

scriptsPath = "\esp\events\";


scriptsPath = "esp\events\";

or somesuch.

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Re: config.cpp scriptsPath = "custom path";
« Reply #2 on: 03 Dec 2007, 21:51:11 »
my error, i should have stated "esp_sys.pbo"
 initial post corrected

am still stuck on this, it now looks like i have no option but to add ca.pbo to the mod addons folder
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Re: config.cpp scriptsPath = "custom path";
« Reply #3 on: 06 Dec 2007, 10:10:24 »
does your 'esp_sys.pbo' have a pbo-prefix of 'esp_sys' ?

if so, in your config.cpp in the esp_sys folder, having...

Code: [Select]
should work... in your first post, you state the default scripts path as...

Code: [Select]
which is, true, to and extent... but, as soon as ui.pbo gets read by the game... it gets overridden by...

Code: [Select]
which stills points to the place you mentioned...

however, if you are running, this 'esp_sys.pbo' in the main addons folder, and trying to set 'scriptsPath' to something it will be getting overriden by ui.pbo's version...

you'd have to run 'esp_sys.pbo' in a 'mod' (for instance)...


and the 'pbo-prefix' inside would have to be 'Terox\esp_sys' and the path for 'scriptsPath' would need to be...

Code: [Select]
and you'd have to fire up ArmA with '-mod=Terox'

i think... i'd have to check it myself to be sure... but, it'd be something along those lines...

PS. releasing 'ca.pbo' as part of your 'mod' would be... hmmm... a little nuts!  ;)