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Author Topic: Good MP Missions And Tutorials  (Read 1921 times)

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Good MP Missions And Tutorials
« on: 17 Mar 2007, 18:55:15 »
My brother's recently upgraded a little meaning that he can now play OFP on his PC like I can on mine. If possible could you point me to a few decent MP missions that will suit two players. Preferably they'd include:
 - Deathmatch with vehicles, infinite respawns and most weapons (any missions a bit like this I can download and can edit myself).
 - Co-ops against AI.
 - Any template missions that sort out all the respawn and scoring and stuff so I can just add the vehicles, weapons etc. that I like.

Also appreciated are any tutorials, guides and templates and frameworks that'll come in useful for me making my own (albeit simple-ish) MP missions for us to mess around on.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Good MP Missions And Tutorials
« Reply #1 on: 29 Mar 2007, 23:50:01 »
MP Tutorial.

As for MP missions, I have had a lot of two / three player LAN games with my brother and friends and there are a few cooperative maps we always played. We didn't really enjoy the DM maps etc. Anyway, most of the maps came with OFP or Resistance.

We played:
  • Everon - Oil war (?): Can't remember the name, first you have to ambush a convoy - later attack an enemy base. Designed for 7, playable with two or three and we played it a lot.
  • Everon - 2-5 Coop: Rescue the captive in Entre Deux, then clear a farm. A lot of tactics were unleashed here, a lot went wrong, we had a great time. Especially the satchel-to-tank-sneak-at-the-farm.
  • Nogova - 1-16 Cooperative: Petrovice has to be liberated. As the map is designed for a large amount of players, we always had to improvise to be able to actually win. There was a specific hill to the southeast (if I remember correctly) of Petrovice we occupied, with two Hummers full of ammo and weapons - the hill mined and satcheled. Damn, we only completed it once but it was fun.
  • Not official - some map (Desert Rumble?) on Desert Island: each side had a base with planes, tanks and choppers. We used this map to do some A10 vs A10, M1A1 vs M1A1 and Hind vs A10 etc etc battles. Fun for a while. Don't remember the name though, sorry.
  • Not official - selfmade defend against three enormous waves of east soldiers: Well, the 'title' says it all. In the center of Desert Island we made a base consisting of sandbags and bunkers - limited ammo / weapons before each play we decided what our weapons would be (Uzi, pistol or whatever we found fun).
  • Nogova - War Cry: A map where you had to clear a town and villa of enemy forces. Fun for a few times.
  • Malden - Desert Ambush: Ambush a Russian convoy. To be honest, we only completed this map twice and played it very often. I guess we never found the right tactic to survive or were with too few players but it was fun.
  • Malden - Lost Squad: Chapoi (?) is isolated and has to be defended. Challenging, we never managed to hold Chapoi but completed the mission a few times by doing the unorthodox - retreat ASAP.
  • Everon - Return to Eden: I played this with my brother, friends, cousin well numerous people and we all liked it.

You probably tried 1-9 Conquerors, we did it sometimes when tired of infantry combat (rarely) and 1-4 Shadowkiller.

I might have some maps for you in my MPMissionsCache, MP missions folder from my online play maybe a few for LAN play. Looking at it I think that a long long time ago we enjoyed Desperate Measures - where you have to hold a peninsula or something. Quite challenging considering that you have to depend on the skills of the A10 pilot. Pretty playable with two players.

EDIT: sorry if this got a bit long and is not useful, got carried away by the nice OFP memories...
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Re: Good MP Missions And Tutorials
« Reply #2 on: 30 Mar 2007, 16:20:27 »
EDIT: If possible could you upload a .rar / .zip of your MPMissions folder? :D If not, please email it to me at dodgymadman (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk . Will be much appreciated  :good:

Very helpful :) We played the other day on a Malden one called Capture the City or something- was great as we both had a few vehicles and different spawning areas, with a town fight in the middle. I've recently made a very simple Malden mission with a a lot of great addons we've downloaded over the years but only the bare necessities with regard to respawning and other stuff. We'll be testing it next week some time.

Any more input is appreciated from all of you :)
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