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Author Topic: My server Maps are not working.  (Read 1169 times)

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My server Maps are not working.
« on: 29 Oct 2005, 23:50:38 »
Im really sorry if this is on the wrong forum, Its an add-on issue I know that, and as this is a add-on forum Id give it a shot. The official flashpoint forums wont let me post! hmm So please bare with me and try your best to answer my question!

I downloaded a crap-load of maps on this server, I put them all into my dedicated servers MPMissions folder. Now Some of the missions work, and ALOT of them dont. Is it an imcompatible error with some of the maps?

I am using the resistance mod. In my server in the root directory I have


If I am serving 1.96 does the /res/addons take precedence?

The server is
Resistance 1.96
IP =
Port = 2302

Thank you for yourt patience and help!

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Re:My server Maps are not working.
« Reply #1 on: 30 Oct 2005, 11:34:46 »
If a map doesnt load its probably because u miss a required addon on your dedi server.

Make sure U have all the needed addons in Res/Addons,or in a mod folder.

To find out what addons U need for a mission U will have to find ReadmeƂ's included,

or check the Mission.sqm,or load the map in the MP editor and upcoming errormessages will

point out what u are missing.
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Re:My server Maps are not working.
« Reply #2 on: 30 Oct 2005, 16:07:03 »
First of all I'd like your to welcome you to OFPEC, CreativeOne. I am sorry to have to do this to you, but these kind of questions don't belong here at OFPEC, therefore I'm gonna have to close your thread. The OFPEC forums are strictly editing related.

I would like to refer you to the BIS (flashpoint's developer) forums:
where they would be happy to answer your question.
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