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Author Topic: FDF ?  (Read 1381 times)

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« on: 02 Aug 2005, 18:06:24 »
okay ive got quite a bit of spare time wich i am rather board im just waiting for my final mission of the campaign to be finished  ;D
anyway like i said im qute board so i thought i might create a Desert or Winter FDF MOD mission but need ideas
im totally struck out of ideas ive got none

i dont even know to do winter or desert im thinking of winter but ive got no ideas
so im looking for some ideas i want a rather realistic, hard good idea that hasnt been done before eg no more
capture town and hold from counter attack missions

but im out of ideas im thinking of a quick reaction ambush mission with lots of twists and turns any ideas ?
also wich island the finish boarder island
winter nogojev
or the winter malden ?

all ideas apreciated thanks alot

EDIT - See below for mission idea
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Re:FDF ?
« Reply #1 on: 02 Aug 2005, 21:26:19 »
You could use the idea I was going to do ages ago, but never got around to it.  ;D

Its a winter mission, set on the East Boarder map.
The intro shows a Fokker Troopship being flown over Russian territory to reinforce the Finnish forces holding the line there. Inside are 24 Sissi Soldiera. But the plane is shot down.
The mission begins as you as one of the Sissi onboard the plane. You start by the wreck with 10 other surviing Sissi members, and a pilot. The pilot knows vital information about the flightplan, and something else that no-one on your team knows about. He is forbidden to tell you, so it is vital that he gets back to base alive.

Anyway, you're the leader of this squad, with a variety of weapons from the wreck.
You must go cross the map to the HQ. Simple, huh?
Well, no. Most of the way will be behind enemy lines, and there will be lots of patrols, convoys and garrisons in every town.
Depending on the difficalty, the player may or may not have a map. He will either have to:
a) find one in a town/base
b) Steal one off an enemy officer
c) go without (but this will be very hard)

So it will be one of those missions where you mine every road you cross because theres bound to be a convoy use it later, or destroy bridges behind you as this will disrupt patrols, making it easier to escape.
I was going to make there be so many enemy, that by the end, you should have manually rearmed the majority of your squad, many with captured enemy weapons.

Thats it I think. Feel free to use the idea if you want  8)
Royal Air Assault Battalion - [L/Cpl] Greg

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Re:FDF ?
« Reply #2 on: 03 Aug 2005, 10:34:06 »
well anyway i had a go at doing a basic template of that mission and it hasnt really worked out and to me that ususally means that it shouldnt be done (not saying its a bad idea its a good idea)
so anyway last nigh i though like mad to think of an idea and i got one but its not the best but from what i know it hasnt been done before plus its a bit small
but anyway this is it

You start off at a finish defensive position on Winter finish/russian border, you start and board a finsih Passi and move to the road up north you disemberk and as you aproach the russian positions you are told to fire some arty rounds into the area so you do then you start the attack
other teams included are
heavy at teams
3 arctic finsih jaegar teams involved
the at team will advance in a forest waiting for the arty to end then they will attack the russian tanks
but things go wrong they trip on a russian trip wire and get blown up
you are sittting ducks without at teams but you are still oredered to attack so you do
after fighting for a while
one finish team will send a message that there pulling back
then a little while longer the 2nd team will fall back
and then you are oredered to fall back with the 2nd team once half way back your team gets wiped out
once you reach back to base you can heal and rearm your self

then once you are healed at the base and ready and then a soldier comes running in the camp says that russian tanks are counter attacking, so the whole camp goes on alert mines are placed tanks are crewed up and mg's are menned then russian T80's come rolling around the corner and start blowing your armour away you must hold of the counter attack at all costs you have lots of equipment tents, ammo crates and so on

once all tanks are dead and most infantry are dead too you are told to join with a small finish squad and check the forests to your right wich in there you find a few small russian special forces squads wich must be taken out then once the forests are clear you pull back to the base and mission complete

what you think it envolves lots of different ofp combat
forest fights
an attack
a defend
a patrol
and also a retreat lots of things going on with lots of radio chatter to add to atmosphere
but its still a rough idea anymore ideas to add to it will be great

also island is chosen its the finish border winter
anyway ideas to add to this will be great thanks alot

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Re:FDF ?
« Reply #3 on: 03 Aug 2005, 18:03:57 »
okay im a bit confused with my mission wich ive started and is coming along nicely almost finished the initial attack on the russian front lines
anyway im confused about the radio messages i cant really call my squads
squad Alpha
squad Bravo etc etc
as the Finish probaly dont use our pheonetic alphabet and probaly have their own does anyone know it ?

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Re:FDF ?
« Reply #4 on: 03 Aug 2005, 18:25:22 »
Royal Air Assault Battalion - [L/Cpl] Greg

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Re:FDF ?
« Reply #5 on: 03 Aug 2005, 18:33:03 »
cool thanks alot nice quick reply with the answer i need thanks