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Author Topic: Rescue Mission on Tonal with a Difference  (Read 1364 times)

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Rescue Mission on Tonal with a Difference
« on: 18 Mar 2005, 22:12:14 »
Inspired by THobson's 'Abandoned Armies' (just haven't had the time to play enough for a proper beta test report, sorry!  :( ) I have thought of a 'whole-island' idea with a fairly simple story, that I think would work quite well on Tonal.

The setting is 'present day'.  Tonal has been in a dreadful state of civil war, and a few months ago, the rebels attacked Tatu, the capital, in great strength. At the same time, more than half of the army units stationed there, led by Brigadier Bashir Al-Islam, turned on their own government. The city was overrun and became a bloodbath. The president and most of his cabinet were brutally and publicly executed.

In an argument over leadership, Al-Islam and the rebel leader, Khalid Othman, declared war on one another, and in yet another massacre, Othman and his forces were kicked out of the capital. Swearing revenge, Othman regrouped in the nearby city of Ixtlan, on the North coast. Meanwhile, Al-Islam dug in to Tatu.  Their forces now skirmish with each other and local militias, across the northern three-quarters of the island.

The only area held by government forces is Lorengau, the fertile southern province. The de facto ruler is local government leader Aftab Aziz Odai, and he is assisted by the commander of the Lorengau Guards regiment, Col. Changa Sidibe.  Sidibe's troops have so far defeated all efforts by Al-Islam or Othman to take Lorengau, but their numbers are dwindling, particularly after a vicious battle in which the airbase west of Lorengau was destroyed.

A temporary lull holds - all three sides need to regroup.  The only international presence is a small group of US light forces protecting UN shipments of medicine to Lorengau hospital, under strict orders not to intervene in the fighting. This is about to change...

A US senator with a small group of bodyguards sets off for secret negotiations with the rebels, but his/her helicopter disappears, probably shot down.  The player will lead a small special forces team into the dangerous terrain to recover any survivors and the helicopter's black box.  Totally unpredictably ;), the crash site is deserted. The helo pilot seems to have made a good emergency landing, and there are only a couple of bodies - both with gunshot wounds - looks like they've been captured.

The way I see the mission working is that civilians or 'friendly' militia forces will drop the player clues in return for side objectives being completed so that the player can work out where the captives are being held, which would be random and change during the mission.  Other clues would include strength and disposition of enemy forces, location of minefields etc.  The player will have a good choice of weapons and can choose land or water transport (too much AAA for helos).

I'd really like to know what people think about this, any ideas for side objectives, characters and their motivation, good addons (eg do I make the player a BAS Ranger, an Earl-Suchey marine etc), pitfalls with this type of mission, setting up ambushes and also how to move things towards a sort of set piece ending with a massive battle that the player somehow has to escape through.

Also, if anyone wants to steal any of these ideas, please do.


Ade  ;D


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Re:Rescue Mission on Tonal with a Difference
« Reply #1 on: 19 Mar 2005, 01:17:46 »
ths sounds like a exelent mission idea already  8)
i think earl n suchey marines or HYK us troops because they are the most beatiful addon troops out there for usa  :D  / they also have great weapons..

bas choppers of course would be great to see, also the bas tonahl island pack troops would suit nice  ;) maybe this addon too? first go to www.operationflashpoint.cz - choose your preferead language and then click this link http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=8078 they are really nice middle east rebels , terrorists or something like that :)
also you should put some great scripts to use and stuff like that  :)


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Re:Rescue Mission on Tonal with a Difference
« Reply #2 on: 19 Mar 2005, 18:31:10 »
Doesn't Tonal come with two factions already? So their's no need for middle east rebels, or to mix it up, don't make them middle eastern. Have some sort of cult or something.

I'm gonna say use BAS blackhawks, bas deltas/rangers(I already have it, and don't want to download the marines, no time), bas littlebirds (for some nice air support that seems cheap but kicks arse), and then maybe some upgraded bradley packs or something COMBAT maybe?

Overall I like the story. But you may want to add to the story or what's going to be in the mission. Since right now, it seems a little too much like THobson's mission with some different addons. Maybe add carbombs between the sides, one side dressing as civvie or the other side to wreck havoc under false pretenses, car chase, little bird chase of armored cars with only the little birds miniguns (strong cars, but enough bullets will  put them down), or maybe some other UN troops get caught in a firefight or shot down.

Then you could open up the route to messing with each side's heads as you search for the senator. Making alliances, bribing, promising weapnos+food, attack a certain camp (when you really just tell the "enemy" that they are going to be attacked by the the other side, "they're over there! by the pond. ;)"



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Re:Rescue Mission on Tonal with a Difference
« Reply #3 on: 20 Mar 2005, 12:09:58 »

Good stuff, I don't want to go reinventing someone else's mission and I really like the idea of some psychological warfare. I also have a plot twist in mind as to what the senator was doing there in the first place.

It would be good to give the player some airborne or armoured backup to call in. I had in mind that the player can call it in as many times as needed, but if a vehicle or helo gets destroyed then it's gone, rather than just to say 'you have one airstrike'. Also, if the UN troops come under attack, the backup may not be available.




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Re:Rescue Mission on Tonal with a Difference
« Reply #4 on: 03 Apr 2005, 03:08:20 »
A Tonal mission -yea! I like it. I really like the simple part - get the senator.  The only complications I would add would be twists and hardships...maybe seek out a TDF (gov) force to help, but they have switched sides. Or maybe the senator is planning a side $$$ deal with rebels and this comes out near end...he's selling them weps or something...something that leads to a climax.

Agent Luciane

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Re:Rescue Mission on Tonal with a Difference
« Reply #5 on: 23 Apr 2005, 05:18:57 »
I would use SEALS in the mission because if there was a helicopter with bodyguards flying for a secret meeting with a US official in a faraway place it would probably be flying from an aircraft carrier or US vessel in the gulf of Tonal seeing as though the range of helicopters..then you could have the SEAL team going in on a search and extraction mission..or you could even have SEALS led by a CIA spook