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New Campaign Idea
« on: 02 Feb 2005, 13:29:59 »
I've had this campaign idea in my head for a while now,  just recently started undergoing the production of it.  I'm basically just looking for anyone that might be interested in contributing to it.  I'm looking for any kind of help I can find.  I originally intended to attempt doing it myself, but as most of you know OFP mission editing is a very time consuming thing.  So any time I could save in making it would be much appreciated.  

The Campaign
You start out as a Delta operative, named Xavier Jones (what a coincidence, eh?).  You're stationed near Nogova, with a small contingent of other Delta and Ranger operatives.  

It is now several years since the Russian conflict on the Nogova islands,  and the possibility of another invasion has been all but disregarded....until now.  Nogova will be invaded by (at the beginning of the campaign, you will slowly discover who it is) an "unknown force", so the government of Nogova has requested immediate aide from the U.N.  Since you and the contingent of operatives you're with are the closest to the conflict at the time of the request,  you're the first ones to be sent in to assist.  

Your first mission is to take the northern island (airbase), that the "terrorists" have recently taken control of, to establish a base of operations for when the rest of the U.N. forces arrive.  After that you make contact with some resistance forces on the island and the plot thickens from there.

I will be more than happy to type up a much more detailed description of the campaign,  for anyone who is interested in working on it.  If you're interested,  just send me an IM with the following information (and any other information that you think would be relevant):

Editing Skill Level: (Novice, Moderate, Advanced)
Specialty: (I.E. - Scripting, Layouts, Briefing/Overview, Cutscenes, etc.)
Amount Of Time you can devote to the campaign per week (in hours):

That's about it.  Many thanks to those who show an interest,  and many pardons to those who don't.   ;)

xavierjones, out.
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Re:New Campaign Idea
« Reply #1 on: 02 Feb 2005, 15:07:43 »
Please use the Recruitment Depot when seeking for help in any other than developing the mission idea.

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