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« on: 06 Oct 2004, 22:27:04 »
Has anyone seen the film X (or, even better; the series of it?).

I need some help with some ideas for it. I reckon it would be a change to the normal OFP Mods/ missions that are being developed.

It would help if you knew what it was about to add ideas but its not necessary. I'll do a post about all the characters and the general plot of X later.

I'm hoping that the action could be mainly hand-to-hand with projectile attacks being used if anyone thinks that's possible.

If you've played the UT 2003 mod "Godz", it would be kinda like that, with the 3rd person camera view and loads of flying around trying to complete various missions depending on which side you chose to play on.

I'm looking for people to help me with this, so check if you're interessted. As I say, you don't actually have to know what its about if you want to help.

Just so this thread doesn't get locked (again :() keep the disscusion about the ideas plz.
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*cough* *cough*

*cough* Rule: No Recruitin' m8 *cough*

*cough* That is all *cough*

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« Reply #2 on: 07 Oct 2004, 19:48:54 »
Thanks Armsty, but Artak locked the topic before I'd even read your post. I have some recuitment posts at the Recuitment Depot, but they are yet to be cleared with the admin.

OK, so, the storyline of X goes something like this:-
(note Yes, it is an anime, but don't let that put you off. Hear out the story before you jump to conlusions, ok?)

Basically, a battle between good and evil, right and wrong (although that depends on your point of view).

There are two sides:

Dragons of Heaven - The Seven Seals
They want to preserve the Earth as it is now and protect it from destrution. So, when they have fights they set up a barrier field (Kekkai) so any damage that is caused in the fight doesn't happen to the real location. Although, if the one who puts up the barrrier is seriously wounded or killed, then the dammage does happen.

Dragons of Earth - The Seven Angels
They believe the Earth has been abused by its inhabitents and that it should be destroyed once and regenerated. Since they want total destrution, they don't set up Kekkai, although they could if they wanted to.

The battlefield in X is the city of Tokyo, Japan. There are some buildings which are important, I will list them later.

In the prophecy:

The gears of destiny have started moving...
Toward the end of this world.
The battle between the Dragons of Heaven
and Dragons of Earth has begun.
And only one person holds the key to the fate of the world
         - Kamui

It's refering to the fact that this "superman" can change the fate of the world depending on which side he chooses to be on. He picks to be on the Dragons of Heaven side (the good guys), but, what no-one has realized is that whichever side Kamui picks an "evil" Kamui goes to the other side. In this case his old friend Fuma turns into an evil Dragon of Earth.

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« Reply #3 on: 07 Oct 2004, 20:45:39 »
OK, next up is the character list.

Dragons of Heaven - The Seven Seals

Kamui Shirou (male) Kamui left Tokyo with his mother six years before X begins. After she dies, he comes back to Tokyo to get Shinken, a divine sword that his mother left at Togakushi Shrine. He was once a very kind child, but for some reason, his personality has changed after six years. hmmmm..... :-\
Power He uses basically psychic powers, but also uses the Shinken a lot after he aquirres it.

Sorata Arisugawa (male) A priest at Mt. Kouya where the HQ of the ancient Shingen Sect is located. Since the early age of 3, he was trained by high ranking monks. He is an outgoing and a funny guy.
Power Electricity

Arashi Kishu (female) Orphaned and abandoned when she was seven years old, a priestess adopted and raised her as a hidden priestess at Ise Shrine.
Power I dunno ;). She can, however, generate swords from her hands with which she uses to fight.

Yuzuriha Nekoi (female) She is a grand daughter of a shrine master of Mitsumine Shrne, where "Inuki", a dog spirit is worshiped. The youngest of the Dragons of Heaven, she is a cheerful and pure girl. Inuki, her protector is always at her side.
Power Well, she constantly has a godin the form of a dog at her side, not bad really.

Subaru (male) Head of the Sumeragi clan, the leader of Japan's Onmyouji, Yin-Yang masters (Onmyouji:  More than 1,000 years ago, "Onmyouji" or Yin-Yang masters studied astronomy, astrology, geography and other sciences. They advised the emperors and politicians of the time. The five-pointed star, or pentagram, symbolizes five basic elements - tree, fire, soil, gold and water - and was the mark of the Onmyouji). His twin sister, Hokuto was murdered by Seishiro Sakurazuka, one of the Dragons of Earth, seven years ago. He has been a quiet person, but after Hokuto's death, he became even quieter, and he seldom smiles.
Power Yin-Yang. Onmyouji.

Seiichiro Aoki (male) An editor at a publishing company. He is married and has a daughter. Seiichiro is very kind and a good father and husband.
Power Wind

Karen Kasumi (female) Abused by her mother, Karen has lived alone since her mother died. Despite her tragic past, Karen remains kind to her true Christian principles.
Power Fire

Hinoto (female) A dreamseer for the Dragons of Heaven. She lives in a secret undeground level of Japan's Diet Builing (House of Representatives) where she has been supporting Japanese politicians for a long time. Though she appears to be a young girl, her real age is unknown. Visions of the end of the world plauge her dreams and her goal is to prevent the destruction of the world.
Power Dreamseer

Dragons of Earth - The Seven Angels

Fuma Monou (male) Kamui's childhood friend. Son of the Togakushi Shrine master. Despite his large body, he is a very quite and calm boy. When he was a child, Fuma promised Kamui to protect him forever, but he soon encounters an unexpected fate. After he awakens as "Kamui" of the Dragons of The Earth, he doesn't look like he used to.
Power Powerful psychic, like Kamui. Also like Kamui, Fuma uses the other Shinken (born from Kamui's mother - Kamui uses the Shinken born from Funma's mother).

Kakyo Kuzuki (male) A dreamseer for the Dragons of Earth. He was raised seperately from the outer world because of his ability. After seeing Hokuto killed in a dream, Kakyo tried to prevent this, but he was shot by a watchman, leaving him in a comatose state.
Power Dreamseer

Satsuki Yatouji (female) At the age of six, she began playing with her father's PC. Soon, she mastered computers and anything connected to them. After meeting Kanoe, Satsuki was given a super computer called "Beast". Now, she can physically connect herself to "Beast" and travel anywhere in the wired world. She normally looks very calm, even cold.
Power Computer goddess, electric.

Nataku (unkown) Created by gene manipulation in a secret project by a pharmaceutical company, Nataku is biologically a human, but this genderless person has no emotions. Nataku steals a Shinken from Togakushi Shrine.
Power Wind/ Air.

Seishiro Sakurzuka (male) He belongs to "Sakurazukamori" an assasintaion group. The group is a rival of the Sugemari clan, of which Subaru is the head. He murdered Subaru's twin sister Hokuto seven years ago.
Power Onmyouji

Yuto Kigai (male) A public servant for the local district. His constant smile and cool demeanor hide his true thoughts. He has a close relationship with Kanoe.
Power Water, but he normally uses a whip-like weapon.

Kusanagi Shiyu (male) A member of the JSDF, Kusanagi is a very mature person with dignity. Even though he is one of the Dragons of Earth, he doesn't have contact with Kanoe, nor does he seem tobe eager to fight.
Power Brute strength and some psychic abilty.

Kanoe (female) An organizer of the Dragons fo Earth. She is Hitono's younger sister. She is an assitant of the Governor at Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, under which the members of the Dragons of Earth gather. Unlike Hinoto, she is not a dreamseer, but she can peer into her sister's dreams. She gathers the Dragons of Earth to trigger the world's destruction, but her real wish is to set Hitono free from what binds her now.
Power Dreampeerer, very perssuavive(???)

Other Important Characters

Kotori Monou (female) Fuma's younger sister and Kamui's childhood friend. She loves Kamui. She is not aware of it, but she has the ability of a dreamseer, who can foretell the future.
Power Dreamseer

Daisuke Saiki (male) Although Daisuke is not one of the Dragons of Heaven, he is a loyal follower of Hinoto. So he end up fighting for them. He is a nephew of Seiichiro
Power Air/ Wind


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« Reply #4 on: 08 Oct 2004, 00:30:17 »
:'( It's anime..
I kinda lost interest when I tried to pronounce the names ::)
But CQB weapons with short ranged blullets are very do-able..
Check the chainsaw or drill on ;)
- Ben

Lean Bear

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« Reply #5 on: 12 Oct 2004, 18:19:56 »
Yeah, I know it can be a pain with the names. Although, you can just remember the charaters by what they look like or their powers. eg. "Main-good-guy" - Kamui, "Tall-main-bad-guy" - Fuma.

I checked out those weapons. Although its not really the weapons that's the problem. I need some help with how to structure the mission etc. various scripts I can use and how to make this mod different from the others.
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« Reply #6 on: 13 Oct 2004, 23:41:35 »
how to make this mod different from the others.
Well unpronoucnable names is always a good start :P
I'll talk to you on msn tho about it (Remind me ;))
- Ben

Lean Bear

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« Reply #7 on: 16 Oct 2004, 17:31:08 »
Ummm, what about?