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Author Topic: My missions proving difficult  (Read 682 times)

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My missions proving difficult
« on: 17 Sep 2004, 17:32:35 »
I'm totally new to mission building, and over the past week or so it's become a bit of an obsession in trying to get my mission to work.

The major mistake i've made is even tho' my ideas appeared pretty straightforward on paper, implementing them into the mission has been a nightmare.

My idea was that you as the player recieve a phone call that your best buddy has been captured by enemy troops on your occupied island. The truck transporting your bud has broken down a few kilometres away from your home, and the entire island is on a curfew, meaning any islander caught out in the street after 9pm is shot. The curfew means that most of the resistance would have a major difficulty getting to the transport, but because you are positioned relatively close to the town it's been appointed to you to perform the rescue.

The mission starts around 11pm at night, outside your home, where you have to sneak past a few guards that are stationed at your remote location, no problem.

You then have to meet an islander who will equip you with weapons (as you have none at the start of the mission), no problem.

A chopper has been dispatched to pick up your buddy from the broken down trucks position, as your buddy is a resistance op., the russians consider him a priority, and it's vital for them to try to keep him alive for interrogation purposes, (I've actually got the chopper scenario to work almost  :P)

The scenario is set in Kegetys Winter Nogova, I picked this island because firstly it looks cool, and secondly I haven't played too many missions where the weather can play a major role in the storyline of the mission.

So you have to rescue your bud before the chopper gets to him, alternatively you could wait for the chopper to land at the truck and attempt to sieze control of it. I haven't worked out how this could be done yet.

Once you rescue your bud you have a certain time limit where he can be exposed to the elements before he starts to take damage, I think some sort of script would be applied here, set on a timer of sorts that resets the timer to zero exposure time if you happen to get your bud into some kind of shelter ie. a vehicle (I have no idea where to start with this)

The truck was transporting your bud from a nearby port where his boat was captured, the troops at the truck have an alarm system in place where the officer will try to alert the port if your presence is detected, via a radio positioned in the truck. Upon the port alarm being triggered, a load of troops will rush from the port to the trucks position. If you manage to clear out all the guards around the truck, the option is there for you to sound the port alarm yourself from the truck, causing troops to rush to the trucks position and leaving the port lightly guarded, then allowing you to sneak to the port and take a boat as transport to your final destination, as opposed to going x-country.

Going x-country will prove very taxing, along with the restrictions the weather has imposed on your buddy, it has also restricted troop movements, untracked vehicles aren't used as much in this scenario as the weather has caused the road surfaces to become dangerous up to a certain point, the main troop movements are centred along roads, busy with clearing the road surfaces of heavy snow, further inland (near your final destination point) the roads have become clearer and vehicles can travel easier, but I'd like to know if it's possible to put restrictions on tyred vehicles on the outskirts of the map with some kind of script, so the steering/traction of the vehicle becomes difficult.

Due to the nature of the weather, troop movements are limited, so I have tried to place key areas along the map where your presence if detected will cause an alarm that will be responded to by a handfull of crack units attempting to intercept you on foot, as opposed to having numerous units swamping your position. I have most of these pretty much sorted out.

At the trucks position, I have come up with the idea of an islander offering you shelter, upon accepting her offer I was thinking along the lines of 20 mins later her house is searched and you have to flee along with her and your buddy, getting both her and your buddy back to the final destination is an added bonus as you've managed to recruit another res operator, so bonus points for the final mission.
At this point I would've liked to implement a car chase of some kind, I've looked at a number of scripts Hunterkiller etc. but am undecided if taking this course is doable. The meeting the woman and choices whether to accept her invitation or not can be covered with addaction (which I'm unclear about) along with a cutscene that involves opening doors to her home and walking into the house to fade out. I don't really know how to do the door thing. The discovery of your whereabouts, I was thinking along the lines of having a blacked out screen and you can just hear her talking to the soldiers ransacking her house, an addaction option is available to you to reveal yourself and come out shooting and make a break for it, but implementing all these ideas are beyond me.

The thing I like about this idea for a mission is the variety of ways in which your final objectives may be accomplished, goin x-country, using your head and tripping the port alarm and stealing a boat, taking over the chopper etc.

As the mission idea has evolved there has been ideas thrown up that could involve so much more problem solving than the usual gung-ho attitude that I've played in so many other missions. I really would like to see more story driven missions, and the fact that you can make movies with this game sets it way above most other games that I've played, totally top drawer.

So what do I do now?

Any ideas for improvements or help would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone wanting to take over this mission and finish it's construct I'd be glad to see, coz I'm deffo more into playing missions than building em', as you can probably tell  ;D

Thanks for your time..