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Author Topic: "Battle Royale" MP level  (Read 20629 times)

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Lean Bear

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Re:"Battle Royale" MP level
« Reply #165 on: 12 Nov 2004, 11:24:27 »
Don't worry, although the topic here has apparently come to a stand-still, the project is still going on.

I'll post some pics of more work I have done soon. I am about to start having a crack at the people themselves (faces first, then the bodies/ clothes).

Perhaps, something we can look at from the OYC Real Tournament, is the structure before the mission itself actually begins. We could use that to see how we can arragne the friends/enemies lists, choosing characters etc.

what Lean Bear wanted

I resent that. Matt Walter started this topic, without him I seriously doubt it would have come as far as it has. I am merely the addon maker  ;)


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Re:"Battle Royale" MP level
« Reply #166 on: 12 Nov 2004, 16:52:25 »
Well, Matt Walter hasn't communicated as much as you have with regards to progress, so I wasnt sure who to give credit to.

Offline Skumball

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Re:"Battle Royale" MP level
« Reply #167 on: 22 Nov 2004, 13:40:00 »
Hi guys. Just to let you know that I am still alive and kicking. The work I am doing for this mod regarding scripting has slowed down as of late but I plan to continue supporting it, especially when I can script for the new island. I will do some more stuff in the mean time when I can afford the time.  :-*

Lean Bear

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Re:"Battle Royale" MP level
« Reply #168 on: 26 Nov 2004, 18:56:14 »
@ Skumball

Nice to know ;)

OK, here's a little update on the current situation.

btw I thought I'd put this at the top to catch attention.



Still going. I'm trying to find someone else to help with the buildings so that I can start putting them on. Also, still working on a way to get the size of the island smaller. And working on transition textures.


Getting done. Still dissapointed at the lack of response to the recruitment entries for a texture editor. Cause my attempts are really futile. Some are ok, but only good - we wnat excellence, am I right? So atm I'm doing models and configs.


Kinda stopped doing them (but when I do new weapon models I make anims for them). A project has opened up which could change how I do them, so I might wait to see how it works out. ;)


Umm, don't really know what's happened here. djack has picked out a few tracks which we could use. If anyone has access to the BR I soundtrack or can get hold of it, it would be most generous if you could contribute to the mod by sending me some of the music from it. I think that would suit the mod pretty well ;)


Okay. So, the actual mission itself? No idea. Skumball got the forbidden zones thing pretty good, a little tweaking and it will be ready for use. Apart from that, I dunno. There isn't really going to be too much of a mission. Just a lot of scripts and players with weapons.


Forbidden Zones - pretty much done. All weapons related scripts - pretty much done. Friends/Enemies Lists - nothing that I know of has been done on this. Needs doing, not too hard, but could take a while. Pre-Mission stuff - I'm not sure anything's been done with that. So, here's a misison, should anyone choose to accept it: Can someone de-PBO the OYC (prob already done) and check how the pre-mission stuff works there so we can get an idea of how to do the character choosing etc.

Character Models

I'm sure everyone will be happy to know that I have almsot finished Shogo's head. The textures could be tricky though. But face textures are easier than weapons textures - so I can probably handle that.

And that's all I can think of right now. The project is still going.

Want to help?

!!Then Sign Up Here!!
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Lean Bear

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Re:"Battle Royale" MP level
« Reply #169 on: 04 Dec 2004, 21:16:11 »
Is it just me, or has the no. of pages shrunk from 12 to 6?

Anyway, thought I'd let everyone know: I made a small forum/ message board for BR so we wouldn't have to clog up OFPEC with all our posts pics etc.

Also, we can practically upload almost any file type of almost any size (though not too big, otherwise the site would collpase).

I would be most gratefull if everyone involved in this mod could join it. You will get special privilages etc. but it would mainly be to discuss the mod in more detail and pehaps get some new attention.

You can either link to the BR Mod homepage via my sig, or follow this link directly to the forums.