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Helicopter pilot carrer
« on: 11 Apr 2004, 01:09:58 »
Ooooopssss ! sorry for the wrong forum !

So I'll explain more about my project. I want to make a mega-campagne about the life of an helicopter pilot who celebrate his 19th birthday in Nam and then will travel all over the world, all over the wars...
I'm currently working on a notation system for flying and it works not too bad even if I have a new idea to judge your way of flying every night  ;D ;D.

For now I've 6 missions ready ( even if modifications occure every night...) for the SebNam pack. They are based on the book "Low Level Hell" (forget the author, shame on me...that's a real heros)

So here is some question for the fanatics :

- Do you prefer to wait untill the whole campaign is finish or do you want it "cut" by theatre ?
- Do you preffer a website with all missions downloadable (???) as soon as they are ready ?
- Are you OK for REAL pilot missions ? Meaning not a lt of shooting but hight skill in flying required.
- For now I'm planning to use ONLY Mod addons ( ex : only Sebnam2 or only BAS pack...) because there's nothing more boring for me to run after addons I will use only once... but if you think some particular addons are necessary, please tell me.
- Are you OK for long introduction missions, like training courses ?
- Do you allways read (and respect) the briefing or do I have to put 'rules' ( like ROE, flying techniques...) during the mission. In fact do you want "real" missions or "gameplay" missions?

If I understood correctly, I can't recruit people here, so if you know where, please tell me. And most of all if you have ideas, let me know ! Also do you know so good and realistic helo missions ?

That's all for now !!

Helipilot     Civilian helicopter pilot, waiting for CAVOK  ;D

O Neil

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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #1 on: 11 Apr 2004, 05:35:55 »

Just thought I'd say . . . I'm not sure if a LONG campaign would be good for say the vietnam war . . . may get a lil boring. I'd reccomend that you do mini campaigns of different wars, from vietnam to iraq . . . that sorta thing (If you already said something about that, soz.)

If you wanna reqruit (Hey, I'm tired), up the top there, it says "Recruitment depot" ask there.

Just another thing, you want a cut-scene scripter for your campaign ?
Port Folio ;)                           is my cut-scene website.




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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #2 on: 11 Apr 2004, 22:13:52 »
If you want a lot of feed back. Post a mission or two for beta testing. I can't really say what is to much info. It all depends on the set up and complexity of the mission. I really want to try one of your missions they seem really interesting. Personally I like missions that make sense and are realistic. Please post one ;D ;D ;D
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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #3 on: 12 Apr 2004, 01:04:34 »
I like flying helos in game..
But can I just say one thing, becareful.. ;)
I downloaded a mission Avation 4 I think it was called
It is one of the few helo based mission's I found.
But, it is one of the most monotomous mission I've ever played.
Get in helo - take of - drop of squad - fly 2km's to base, just as I get there "fly back out to pick up another squad - take them back up base,
it's fine so far.. then
I've droped of the squad, I get a radio message to pick up weapons for a squad under fire - flying back I am told to pick up a A10 pilot.
It sounds good.. but belive me it is boring.... I can quite happly run around a empty server for ages (I usualy set up a game on a LAN, to look at MP missions, mainly in other games, but in OFP too), I played CessnaFun for a good 2 hours strait, with out really doing much shooting etc (Well, none)..
But that mission got seriously boring after about 15mins...

So, if you are making these mission, you gotta make them intersting!
You have to do stuff like have missiles (I.E RPG's etc) you have to dodge (Theres a SAM missile script I guess you could modify, to slow it down, and make it more visable, as it moves really quickly/you can't see it.)
And things like AA fire, again, theres scripts on this forum somewhere.
Maybe some missions you play in a gun ship, that's always fun :P
Yeah, and they gotta be varied, like one mission, you drop of a bunch of soldiors, and pull back into a holding pattern, but then an helo get's shot down, so you have to pick a squad the shot down helo was to pick up and drop then at the crash site (Can you tell I'm reading black hawk down ATM :P)
Then you have to pick up your squad you dropped of at the beggining, and take them home.. AND DO NOT MAKE ME THINK THAT I AM ALMOST FINISHED, THEN HAVE TO PICK UP SOME A-10 PILOT TO GOT SHOT DOWN, THEN ANOTHER 100 THINGS... *Ahem* :P

I would like training missions, like if you read Black Hawk Down, the bit where it's going on about the Nightstalkers, all the training they go though like how to cope with getting a tail rotar hit, how to crash..
If you could recreate a small bit of that with out boring every one (;)), you are the best mission maker in the world :D

If you have MSN, I wouldn't mind talking to ya on that :)
My addy is dbrweb @ hotmail .com (Remove the spaces ;))

Good luck with the missions :D
- Ben

O Neil

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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #4 on: 12 Apr 2004, 01:28:28 »
Or you could get shot down yourself & you gotta get out of enemy terr. ;)



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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #5 on: 12 Apr 2004, 12:55:26 »
I was gonna suggest that, but decided it would then resort to a bog standard inf. mission..
Unles... Has anyone read Tenth Man Down, buy Chris Ryan.
Where they escape from the place after being captured going to the place with the monks (Can't remeber the name)

Where they steal a cessna type thing with limited fuel..
Could be very cool :)
- Ben


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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #6 on: 12 Apr 2004, 20:39:06 »
I say go for it. I was creating my own chopper campaign based loosley on the BIS Operation Flashpoint campaign.

You start with training by flying a OH58 around and blowing crap up. Then the air support/ transport mission where NATO invades Morton. Then a Montignac ground support mission. You fly your UH60 mg around under a lot! of fire to kil waves of Russians as your infantry struggles to hold Montignac. I think I might start it up again since you sparked some of my interest.

You want a script that heals choppers when the hit 75 % damage or any damage specifayed? I got one that works well.

The Helipilot

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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #7 on: 13 Apr 2004, 00:05:56 »
thanks all of you for your remarks !

It looks like we are all thinking the same way !

I plan in fact mini campaign by theatre, say 10 missions by war (maybe more for Vietnam and for BAS ) and they should be downloadable ( does this word exist ? ) by theatre for last testing before making The Mother of all Campaign. ;D.
For the Vietnam conflict I based my missions on the bok "Low Level Hell" and more specificly on the scouting work on Loach, then on the hunting couple Cobra + Loach; and of course some work with ARP and some medevac, but most of them will be "real" missions (not the ones including 11 h of flying ...but some of them are really amazing). Somewhere in the briefing I'll say that it's real one.
Concerning the boring aspect, it depend if you want a pilot mission or a "heros" mission ;), I means flying is often boring ( shame on me to admit it....) but still it give me a hard one what ever the mission is; but I'll try to do it good. For exemple, I'm affraid the firsts missions will be boring for confirmed pilot but then more and more precision flight will be asked.
For now I'm waisting my time making a script to judge the pilot on his flying ( respect of VNE, alt, damage of his aircraft...) instead of making missions ( don't worry I did one more ). Same I waist time making neccessary intro, meaning I read more missions on my book than I do for OPF : I have to take notes... ;D ;D

I also began training missions because I really want people working on this campaign, I don't care if the mission is a succes if they flew helicopters like crazy...I want to force them ( and explain )them how it should be done with the real rules.

To people who left their emails I send right now a missionActually it's light enough to post it here but I afraid it means I'm again in the wrong forum
 Very, very, simple one ( number two after landing in Nam). Few words about it :
- it's the first I did even before idea of campaign
- Intro should be before briefing
- Briefing should include more details about strategic and tactic situation
- Radio messages should be audio but my accent is to bad for this
- before this mission should be a training mission on : how to fly a Loach in Nam
- There's no read me so don't diffuse it because I didn't thanks people for their script  ;D.

By the way can you confirm me that there is no way to make this yellow box for waypoint disapear ? And the recrutement page doesn't work for it normal ?

To Onyx : exellent book !! I note this as a great idea, but for a later campaign ( somewhere in Africa or South America, as a mercenary maybe...).

euhhhhhh that's all I think... a lot of job to do...
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O Neil

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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #8 on: 13 Apr 2004, 07:01:44 »

About your waypoint Q, when you make the waypoint, at the bottom of the waypoint edit box, there should be SHOW IN CADET MODE and a couple of others. One of those only shows the waypoint yellow box thingy in that mode (The easiest mode). Most people won't be on that so . . . there ya go.

Another idea that MAY be interesting, for the good helicopters such as BAS with working cockpit MFDs (Manual Frontup Display(Your screens on your cockpit dashbord telling you where you are etc)), you could disable the "3rd person veiw" button, which makes people have to use the FREE LOOK button.

Just a thought. Gonna go check out the mission now.


O Neil

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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #9 on: 13 Apr 2004, 07:19:13 »
Soz, "Missing addons: SebNam_1a"

Is that my fault ?(Haven't played on Sebnam for donkies, so I might be missing a file or something like that) Or did you put in an addon.

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The Helipilot

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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #10 on: 13 Apr 2004, 11:49:30 »
to O'neil : this thing for waypoint doesn't work when you are in a vhl so for now I'm working without waypoint but it's a big mess for synchro... another idea ?

About missing addons, there's a pbo file alone in the zip of Sebnam (sebNam_1a), put it in your addon folder.

And don't forget feed back  ;) but don' expect high adrenaline level  ;D ;D


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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #11 on: 13 Apr 2004, 21:23:50 »
Loading up : I get the same error as O'Neil, so I De-PBO the file, and remove the sebnam_1a or what ever the line was in the needed addon bit.
I load it up in the mission editor, preview "Unknowen class SEB_M60" error (Close enough :))
I remove all references to the M60 person, and replace them with some other radom person (I mission.sqm)
The same with a SEB_M113 thing (I saw a download for this a while ago, but didn't download it), replaced it with the only tank-type thing I could remeber of hand, M1Abrams ;)
I preview the mission, and :D, it loads.....

Overview/Breifing : Not too bad, told me all I needed to know (I had to use the map version as I De-PBO-ed the file, and it doesn't come up at the begging then).
Nice little picture on the overview, btw :)

Intro : The cut scene was okay. I didn't like how the truck just suddenly stoped, burst in to flames and smoke.. Maybe you should have the helo stopped, and with smoke pouring out.

Begining : Good, every one around a map, maybe someone should say something like cya later, or good luck

I get in the helo, realise it's the wrong one, and get in the right one. Saves (Good idea).
Take off, and fly and pick up the mechanic (Is this what the mechanist is?)

On the way over, there is a spelling mistake in the radio message, "Roger Mercuty, we are waiting fot you, that's a green smoke, over"
fot = for :)
The smoke greande and stuff is fine. But who threw it? They're all miles away! Minor niggle that, though.

Drop of the mechanic okay. He repairs the truck.. Could you maybe tell me what's going on here, via a radio message, like the mechanic is shouting to be "Thanks, I'll fix the truck now. It'll take a minute" or something?

The way back.. I couldn't see any of the enemys, only saw a bit of tracer fire, so right clicked over there a few times, can got a lock, spun the heli around for the gunner, and told him to fire.. About 10seconds later he didn't seem to stop, so I called cease fire.
Took an other target, fired for 5seconds.

The artiley is okay, not sure what it is directed at though.. Those people don't seem to like forest's much :P

Flying back, the truck is moving a little slowly for someone under heavy fire.
"Charlie 3O'clock"
Spin round, right click and get the gunner to open fire, M60 ammo = 0.. Opps

Anyway, I just fly quickly, esp after I am hit by some small arms fire and am injured.

I fly a little too fast, and lose the truck.
Flying over where I last was it, I get the debreifing (Attched image)

Anyway, I get the failed message, it could be written better ::
Too bad : The truck failed in Charlie hands ! And it's due to YOU !
Change to
Too bad : The truck was destroyed by the Charlies! The mechanic is dead, the truck is destroyed, and it's cargo could very well be in they're hands. And it's all your fault.

And in the breifing html file ::
 happy with us, so later they will send us a part of this truck loading...not exactely ammo but as vital

Could be changed to
.........happy with us, so later they will send us a part of this truck cargo...not exactly ammo but just as vital........

Overall : Very good, the best heli mission I've seen (Well, thats partly because I've not seen very many..), the base doesn't seem like it is deserted (quite the oposite, it really feels like theres a war going on :)).
The chopper doesn't have nearly enough ammo to hold of the attackers.. Isn't there a gun ship I can call in for back up?
Also, the attackers are all on the left, and it's a right hand side gun ::) Could be better with a left handed one :P

Other : A few spelling mistakes, and some sentences could be writing better, but radio converations like the take of clearence are good. What about, maybe, a few randomly chosen "good bye lines", like "have a nice flight", "have a good time out there", "good luck, see ya soon", ect... It would give it a more realistic, and replable fell :)

Oh, and after I failed the first time, I change my heli to a gunship :P
Though I screwed up the landing when I am to drop of the mechanic, and it fliped over and blew up ::) Then I exited ofp to write this ;)

Anyway, it's a very good helicopter mission, one of the few heli missions as well.. And the fact your making a whole series of missions is amazing!

Last thing, a idea for how to release the mission.. Release single missions as you complete/beta test them, then once you have them all finished (All theatres), put them all in one big pack, and another with them seperated into the different theatres (Like Nam, Mogadisu( ? ) etc)
That way people can download a few mission, complete them, and get the rest as they want.. And don't have to wait for hours to download the whole lot at once.
But still give them the option to download the whole lot at once aswell (Once your done)

Right, I think I have covered pretty much all I have to say :)
Very nicely made mission.. Can't wait for more :D
- Ben

PS I typed this in notepad, then came online and just saw the bit about the missing addons.. I've not checked yet, but you can basicly ignore the loading up bit...

The Helipilot

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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #12 on: 13 Apr 2004, 23:22:45 »
hoho ! that's a beta test or I don't know anything about it !!

So I have really  a pb with this sebnam 1a... I think it's because, somewhere I read that when you put all pbo from Nam pack in your folder following the readme, one pbo is missing ( the sebnam 1a); it's at the root of the file and you have to put it too in addon folder. It's something about vehicule data (and it works, even without the 3d model). But if I'm the only one who did it I will remove it; it's not very important for a chopper mission.

For the truck, it doesn't look like a good failure for you ? I will try something more simple.

For the radio and the SA I have here a dilema ! The first persons who tried this missions were submerged by radio messages and couldn't catch anything so I have to limit myself  :'( :'( and that's a pity because it give the rythm ! The only solution is VOICES ! but first I don't know how to do it, and second (the worst) my accent is really to bad...  Did someone get the message   ;D ;D

About ENI contact and shooting, don't worry, it's just because you didn't follow the instruction courses  ;D ;D. They should explain you how to fly when it's hot...and overspeed is a bad choice, like hovering  ;).  0 ammo at the end ? that's normal as long as the truck is alive ! lol ! No one should come back with ammo !!

For the spelling mistakes and bad sentences, corrections are on the way !! Thanks a lot !!

But what surprise me it's when you said it's a good mission....Shame on me to publish this mission alone ! But if you like this one, you will love the following...

I have some missions ready for testing but it will be for email only. Two reasons : modos will kill me for a wrong forum, again; and I want return remarks ;D ;D. So leave me an email adresse by mp.

So tell me if addon pb is resolve or if I have to modify my folder, then I send you some missions.

message for moderators : where can I recruit ??
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O Neil

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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #13 on: 14 Apr 2004, 10:26:57 »

Yo, DBR, how did you get rid of that m60 prob ? I got past the first prob (addons: 1A) but got the next one ;)

Oh, and about the radio thing ? I can make radio sounds if you want, I've done it in a load of other missions.


PS: DBR, I made some radio sounds for your mission New Dawn ;)


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Re:Helicopter pilot carrer
« Reply #14 on: 14 Apr 2004, 14:00:54 »
Cheers :D
The M60 prob, I just opened up the mission.sqm file, and find/replaces the something_M60 with another name for the people (Like SoldiorWB is a normal inf. unit with a M16)

Cant wait for the rest of the missions :)
- Ben
BTW, "For the truck, it doesn't look like a good failure for you ? I will try something more simple.", it wasn't I didn't like it, it's more that it could have been worded better, if you see what I mean