Author Topic: Who would I need for my MOD?  (Read 799 times)

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Who would I need for my MOD?
« on: 24 Dec 2003, 14:03:43 »
I origonal posted on in;action=display;threadid=14303

But it got locked because I didn't explain what I wanted to know very well..  :-\

Anyway : I want to start up a Bravo Two Zero mod, but I'm not sure who I would need to make it happen..
IE, how many add-on makers, how many island makers.. etc

I will post the requests when the main site goes back up (With the recruiting bit) :)

- Ben
PS, do not ask to join in this thread, PM or email me if you are intrested!
PPS, With all due respect : There is no reason why this thread should end up locked, I am not trring to get people to join here, but to find out who I need to find. I'm not recruting, just asking :)

O Neil

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Re:Who would I need for my MOD?
« Reply #1 on: 25 Dec 2003, 03:32:56 »

Umm . . . well for starters, you'd need a wrp editor to make "Wadies" in the Iraq map . . . addon of a bulldozer, a scripter, but other than that, a mission maker ;).

I dunno if it'll be that eventfull, you got a fighting part at the start, then your on the run ;) If you were to do an "Immediate Action" story . . . you'd have to make a mission where you'd have to fight off the pain in the itterigation . . . don't ask how that could be done on a computer ;)

Sounds cool though ;)



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Re:Who would I need for my MOD?
« Reply #2 on: 26 Dec 2003, 13:15:03 »
mate, I ran the old Bravo Two Zero Mod. I realised very early on that it couldn't sustain enough missions to justify all the addons and all that crap that had to be made to make it a decent mini-campaign. That's why it was put into the SAS MOD because then we had a reason to make all those addons other than for a very short campaign. We're working on B2Z at the WDW mod over at the forums so if you want to get brought up to speed or just find out what we're doin come along. Most of us are on holidays at the moment though so be prepared for a wait.

B2Z has been attempted many times mate, and there was never that big a response from the community, don't waste your time for such a small amount of missions.



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Re:Who would I need for my MOD?
« Reply #3 on: 26 Dec 2003, 21:39:10 »

There's something you don't seem to understand about these forums...

This is the "Mission Ideas" area of the forums.  The purpose of this board is:

Suggest and converse on various concepts for Missions & Campaigns... Rattle your brains and get those Gray Cells moving..

This is not the place to ask people what resources you need to create your mod.  Unfortunately, there isn't any place to ask such things on these forums.  I suggest trying the Official BIS forums or some other forums that have a place for such questions.

*topic locked*