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Re:Adventure OFP
« Reply #15 on: 18 Oct 2003, 11:20:18 »
Who said anything about swords and guns? It can be done! OK, let's take NPD as an example again. When you try to disarm the bomb, THAT is the adventure side in OFP. Brain challanges. Of course, the bomb in NPD is so bloody simple to figure out but you get the picture? OFP supports all that, we got dialoges, a very good camera, the action menu, big enviroments, etc, etc. And if you really wanna shoot, go ahead, you can add a small firefight in the middle of the game, just to make it exceting, but I don't think it should be a mayor part of the mission. That's what I think.

But why make something revelutionary? No! Let's all stick with the old combined arms assaults and SF missions. If there were'nt any revelutionary ideas we would all stick to this stuff, sure we would've missions like Facile Ground a lot more often since we were so good at making just combined arms assaults, but wouldn't that be boring? Just look at the Chain of Command Mod! It brings OFP in to a whole new genre, are you against that too just because OFP wasn't made to be a RTS?

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Re:Adventure OFP
« Reply #16 on: 18 Oct 2003, 23:31:59 »
No, I'm not against CoC. I think that it is a very good mod for OFP, because it builds upon what OFP naturally does well; having lots of units of different types duking it out at once. CoC works with the OFP engine, not against it like a swords and sorcery type mod would.
    I was under the mistaken idea that by "adventure" you meant "swords and sorcery" style adventure. Now I sort of see what you mean. It would have been better for you to include some more detail in your original post  :P. No, I agree with what you seem to be saying. Actually, I'm working on a mission sort of like that right now. Anyone ever played an RPG called Shadowrun? I'm trying to make a good shadowrun-style mission.
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Re:Adventure OFP
« Reply #17 on: 28 Oct 2003, 01:52:57 »
thats why i make missions that enable the player to walk distances and see unusual things like farmers doing their job, etc.  If you really want a good adventure try mimicking a ww2 movie onto ofp.    
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