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Re:'Revolution' Campaign Idea
« Reply #75 on: 07 Dec 2003, 12:59:35 »
For three months it had been, yeah, because I uninstalled Flashpoint (due to space restrictions on old pc). Luckily I now have one huge feck-off PC with a 120gb hard drive so I can finally play Flashpoint again. And I've restarted work on it, but there's still a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long way to go. It might be finished in a year or so  ::).


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Re:'Revolution' Campaign Idea
« Reply #76 on: 07 Dec 2003, 13:56:14 »
Okay, let's get the ball rolling again. The story I believe has largely been worked out but there's still one big thing that has to be worked on - the action. I need some more suggestions for some resistance style missions, involving killing Americans and nicking stuff. I've thought of one idea... something inspired by IRA and Iraqi resistance tactics - creating a disturbance and then ambushing the helicopter that comes to investigate. It would be a good way of making the war too costly for the US. You don't want to lose many million-dollar helicopters...

Anyway, I'll give you list of the missions I've decided to include...

1.) Intro - introduces the story and situation and characters. 'Nuff said.

2.) Disputations - the bit with the dispute in the factory, if you remember that.

3.) This is not a certainty - a mission in which you and your two friends have to escape from the factory as the Americans attack it. Gives another reason for you disliking the Americans.

4.) Assassination - A mission in which you assasinate the president Benes.

5.) Perhaps a cutscene explaining events? Or a mission in which you are forced into hiding by the Americans who're looking for you?

6.) Beginning of the Resistance movement - you decide to go to your old friends in the militia to convince them to help you, which they do. Now you have an army of about 15 people. Then you have to go into hiding.

7-9.) Some kind of missions involving your small band roving around shooting people. Obviously your ammo and men won't last long, leading to a near breakdown of the Resistance movement. The decision is taken to expand your group and go recruiting, and also steal equipment from the Americans.

10.) The mission with you going into La Trinite to help the civilian rebels. The bombing of the town obviously angers the people and leads to a lot more of them joining you. However you don't have enough weapons to go around, until....

11.) The Soviets save the day. A Spetz Natz agent comes into your camp in the night and tells you that the nearest Soviet army place has decided on its own to send you supplies, which will arrive by plane the next day. He then leaves.

12.) You must collect the supplies at the airport, and drive them off back home without coming into contact with the Americans. The group now has enough equipment to stand a fighting chance.

13-17.) Various missions, including the helicopter ambush. The other ones I don't know about... Any suggestions?

18.) Your squad finds out that a major convoy of troops is heading north, dangerously near to the main camp. You must ambush and destroy these troops, using two towers that I placed on the map on either side of the road. Using some of the Russian heavy weapons (satchel charges and KORDs) your troop attacks the convoy and kills a hell of a lot of Americans. An important battle and a large defeat for the Americans.

What the missions will be from here I don't know. There will only be a maximum of 4 after this. Anyway, give me yer comments on that, if'n yer please.