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Author Topic: Companys, Batallions, Platoons and sh*t!  (Read 8125 times)

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Re:Companys, Batallions, Platoons and sh*t!
« Reply #30 on: 17 Oct 2003, 00:32:54 »
haha, little off topic with that last post...wrong game? (I know I know, 40k has its own Mod in the works)


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Re:Companys, Batallions, Platoons and sh*t! - My Two Cents
« Reply #31 on: 17 Oct 2003, 00:34:51 »
Looks like it's all been said here, but for what it's worth . . .
Historically the various units were all built from the ground up as and when they became necessary.......

EXCELLENT information. I'm not a fan of going that far back into history, but I do not mind hearing alittle about military history and how its evolved by the way of structure since then.


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Re:Companys, Batallions, Platoons and sh*t!
« Reply #32 on: 17 Oct 2003, 12:05:07 »
Platoons =Leftenant

Hear hear! Proper pronunciation at last! (Of course, we still spell it Lieutenant, from the French, but it's about time someone demonstrated how it's supposed to be pronounced...)

The Swedish system is nice and simple; here's the organisation of my old regiment:

(Sorry about the formatting, a <pre> tag doesn't quite work in YaBB)

Code: [Select]
SGrp  SjvGrp  KokGrp    SM1   SM2   SM3      RrGrp         (Groups)
   \_____|_____/          \____|____/          |
          UH-Plut         SäkPlut          RrPlut         (Platoons)
                        StrilUtbKomp                                 (Companies)
                            UtbE (GU-Bat)                        (Units; Batallion-sized)
                             F21                                         (Regiment)

Our groups varied in size from 4 to 10; security groups (SM) were squads of eight, with four Ksp90 (Minimi; M249 SAW) in each, plus two AK5 Grt (AK5 with M203) and a couple of AK5B in each. Fairly heavy firepower.... ;D

Companies usually clock in at 100-200 troops, divided into between two and four platoons, depending on roles. There is also a smaller division, the tropp , dividing a platoon in two. I was enlisted as a SbToC (StabsTroppChef, in charge of a CP-troop).

The "units" mentioned above are an educational division; in an active role they would be redesignated batallions.

Is that any help?
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Re:Companys, Batallions, Platoons and sh*t!
« Reply #33 on: 05 Nov 2003, 06:44:11 »
a while bak i made a battalion command mission for coc. it was going to be bs10, but it was abandoned because of the savegame bug causing a ctd when you tried to load the game. i can't post the file but pm me with your email and i'll send you a copy. there isn't a hard out structure to it though. the objective is to take over the four main bases on kolgujev. so you have been warned before attempting a battalion mission. it could end up as too big to handle.