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Escalating Conflict
« on: 29 Jul 2003, 02:20:32 »
Okay, here is my idea for a campaign:

The year is 2005.  Terrorism has been isolated to its breeding grounds, but some attacks still make it abroad.  Then, on October 27, a terrorist, engulfed in the crisis in Israel, destroyed the remnants of the Wailing Wall in Israel.  Members of an extremist Israeli organization retaliate and destroy the Mosque in central Jerusalem.  The extremist Muslims declare a holy war against the Jews.  Terrorist cells on both sides of the conflict become active.  This level of terrorism has never been experienced in the history of the civilized world.  The United Nations soon becomes unsure of how to approach the new threat.  More and more bombings are occurring every day, all over the globe.  Hatred flares on both sides.  In the following six months, the media reports over 2400 deaths, a sum extremely well below the real number, only to keep the intensifying panic from overcoming the already frightened public.  Eventually, the UN realizes that the only way to stop the fighting is by fighting back.  The United States, Russia, France, England, and most of Europe begin mobilizing forces to all over the globe.  State support for terrorism slowly declines; only trying to cover up the atrocities of the years below.

-Your role, or roles, could be numerous.  In the campaign, you could be a member of special operations, a normal grunt in a peacekeeping role, or even a terrorist.  Ideas, changes, criticism, and additions are welcome.  I am not sure of how to expand on the ideas of roles in the conflict, because there seem to be too many Special Forces missions being made.

Thanks in advance.
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