[OFP] Operation Spark by Haroon1992

Operation Spark by Haroon1992

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Kolgujev
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Storm
Filesize 14.33MB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 7
Briefing - 8
Camera - 7
Scripting - 8

User rating


01 Feb 2012





Leading your expert S.A.S Black Ops team, use the element of surprise to sabotage the Soviet Anti-Aircraft vehicles within a well-defended village in northern Kolgujev.

Review by Gruntage


The text adequately describes the primary objective and provides specifics on the players' role. Clearly the author has put a lot of thought into the image, but an in-game screen-shot would have helped convey the mission plot to a higher standard. The second page of the overview contains information that should really be in a 'readme' text file.


The introduction to the mission conveys the mission plot well, through the use of some thoughtful camera angles. The custom music and text were a nice addition. The placing of trees from the 'EditorUpgrade' addon was well done, and helps set the scene for the mission ahead.


The briefing was both informative and concise, providing adequate information on the tasks ahead. The 'Situation Report' supplies the player with substantial knowledge of the mission background without digress. Lastly, the 'Notes' section furnishes the player with clarification of radio usage. A decent gear selection has also been provided (though I would have liked to have seen a slightly bigger selection of silenced weaponry, should the player intend to take a stealthy approach).


The author has done a very good job in creating a tense, atmospheric environment through the usage of fog scripts and the like. A lot of careful planning is required in order to complete the objectives. The custom music during the mission, whilst may appeal to some players, can become somewhat annoying when listening for crucial sounds, such as enemy tank or troop movement. Fortunately the author has provided the player with the ability to turn the music volume down.

The enemy base has been carefully constructed through good addon usage. Clearly a lot of thought, effort and time has gone into ensuring that good atmosphere and realism is sustained throughout the mission. The conclusion shows good usage of custom text, which are always a plus in my book.


Unlike most missions, the author has provided all of the necessary information (such as credits) that normally belong in an outro within the mission itself. I would have liked to have seen a cinematic conclusion to the story, so as to not only provide the player with a sense of accomplishment, but to also convey the possibility of a sequel.


Black Op sabotage missions are fairly common, but the author has been successful in creating a mission in this genre that is both immersive and original. The usage of fog scripts and other special effects have proven to be highly effective in creating a tense, cautious atmosphere.


This mission is both stealth and action rolled into one neat, tidy package. If you are looking for a challenging, immersive, tense and atmospheric sabotage mission then this one is for you!

You can view the beta thread here.

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