[ArmA] The Red Wave by mathias_eichinger

The Red Wave by mathias_eichinger

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side Independent
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Dawn
Weather Clear
Filesize 1.02MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14

Overview - 8
Briefing - 8
Camera - 5
Scripting - 3

User rating


23 Sep 2009





You play the role of a RACS soldier, called to war to defend your border against the enemy's advance. Prevent them from pushing through at all cost.

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Review by savedbygrace


Wording summarizes the mission well but the image is not very attractive. Regardless, it is an in game shot of the main route that your assigned to and at the least gives you an idea of where you start.


The ever present slow loading textures were visible in just about every scene. The cinema possessed similar qualities of the campaign cinema where most scenes were stills and no life drew you in. The text on screen was very well written and created a base story from which the mission can spring from but unfortunately, there was no attempt at audio narration which left the cinema with an emptiness of sort. I will mention that the camera angles followed the text appropriately but with the absence of life, it only removed from the overall presentation.


Briefing was simple and concise, outlining the overall goal of the day's objective without clutter and overuse of situational awareness. A weapon selection was present, markers functioned properly and the notes section pulled it's own weight with another chance to draw the player into the current battle.


At mission start, the player is confronted with advancing lines and immediately puts his rifle to use. The defenses are spread out with gaps here and there to allow traffic to pass, plenty of ammo crates tucked away out of the main arcs of fire, medic tents placed close by for support and many infantry to fend off. Unfortunately, the friendly AI showed it's famous unresponsiveness by never firing across the sandbag walls. The enemy however, had no problem picking me off from 200 meters while I was behind that wall. So, this mission highlights some of the more frustrating attributes that Arma possesses and in the same breath allows you as a lone player attached to no groups to engage freely with no shouted commands to fall back into formation. Because of Ai pathfinding, the enemy stay on rails and a mass grave is created without ever having to drag a body.


Four scenes of the imposed destruction, all angles were stills. The first scene was a fierce engagement while the rest were just showing the aftermath.


This missions only special attribute it seems, is it's replayability factor. The AI is a disappointment at times but with the ability to maneuver freely and adapt differently every replay counters that problem nicely.


A fast paced action shootout with lots of urban cover by which to formulate your attack strategies but little time to prepare any.

You can view the beta thread here.

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