[ArmA] Internal Security by mathias_eichinger

Internal Security by mathias_eichinger

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Filesize 521.06KB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.12
Addons None

Overview - 3
Briefing - 4
Camera - 5
Scripting - 5

User rating


10 Apr 2008





You're part of an elite troop of anti terrorist soldiers tasked with defending Sahrani. Your training has reached its final phase and that's lucky because the poop is about to hit the fan.

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Review by The-Architect


It worked. Told me what I needed to know. The picture was a little boring and the blue text hurt my eyes a little. I don't like a version number on the Overview page. It's unprofessional. That stuff belongs in the readme.


I gather that the the intro is supposed to be an advert for the special forces team that your player is a part of. Unfortunatley the scripting is amateur at best. Camera angles and cuts do not flow smoothly and titles are not used to their full potential.

The advert has promise but as it is, it is merely functional.


The briefing here is ok up to a point. The initial part of the mission is described perfectly and there is even a small picture to help you figure out where you need to go. My problems arose when the mission developed. There was little information after the situation changed. Extra information was given in hidden objectives but these did not work properly.

There was valuable information in the Notes section of the briefing, which detailed the helicopter transport commands. I advise any players to take note of this as it is an integral part of the mission.


The mission starts off well. You are given an objective which is fun and original. It took me two attempts to complete it as, even with the map provided, the route was not clear.

After the first objective the real meat and veg of the mission develops. A hostage situation has unfolded very near to where you are training and your team, being the closest, has to sort it out. It is a short drive to the target and once the team arrives it becomes clear that the day will not be an easy one.

Unfortunatley the mission falls down here. Whilst everything works, it doesn't really feel right. The hostages seem totally independant of each other and after a series of small firefights the first real objective is complete. Some dialogue between yourself and an anonymous hostage reveals that the enemy has a camp elswhere on the map. Even after the hostages had fled, I still found that there was shooting going on between my men and the enemy. It carried on even after my team was on the helicopter and flying to the next objective.

After a short ride with some chatter the next phase of the mission begins. You are to travel to a forest where the terrorist camp is reportedly situated and from there you are to go in and attempt to capture the terrorist leader. It's not easy and the fighting in the forest is bitter. A very good aspect of the mission in my opinion.

After the leader is captured the helicopter is called and the mission ends.


It is difficult to understand where the outro fits into the mission but it was funny at the end. Unpbo the mission and watch it.


The training section of the mission was the only really special thing about this mission.


This mission is passable but I don't think that it will be a feature of your missions folder. There is far too much unrealised potential for it to be a keeper. There is no voice acting, no character background and very little to make you feel attached to the situation you find yourself in. Small bugs and inaccuracies add up to give the feeling of an amateur job and at the very end, you'll come away feeling only slightly fulfilled.

Although it is clear that the author has spent a lot of time creating a large mission, there simply isn't enough going on to keep the player interested. We all love a firefight but if we are going to be asked to spend 45 minutes playing one mission we need something more.

The premise is a good one. Unfortunately the extra time and effort wasn't put in to make the difference.

You can view the beta thread here.

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