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Author Topic: Para-jumping from Blackhawks? & Update: Panama Ranger jump  (Read 3400 times)

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Re:Para-jumping from Blackhawks? & Update: Panama Ranger jump
« Reply #15 on: 10 Jun 2003, 04:08:26 »
Yes. I have a video called Navy Seals: The Untold Stories. They inserted onto Patia Airfield, sent to slash the jets tires. Led by Commander Mike Dylan (possibly a changed name), they were ambushed by squads of PDF soldiers. They were supposed to slash the jets tires, but ended up blowing a hole into the side of it with an AT4. 6 Seals were killed, including the newest member of the team, Issac Rodreiguiz. 6 Seals died mainly because the Dustoff's were busy evac 'ing other forces.


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Re:Para-jumping from Blackhawks? & Update: Panama Ranger jump
« Reply #16 on: 10 Jun 2003, 11:08:52 »
I saw this program on the learning channel on that NAVY SEAL operation in Pannama, a bunch of stuff went wrong. The mission was to slash the tires of Noreiaga's private jet, so he couldn't escape. And to block the runway or taxiway.... (don't remember which) with small general aviation aircraft such as a cessna. The mission was messed-up with at the begining..... no1. Seals don't take airports, Rangers do..... Once the SEALS were on the runway, they were sitting ducks, they had no cover. They were moving up keeping prone and providing covering fire... Another problem was that they were supposed to have support from an US AIR FORCE Spectre gunship.... however since the time of the operation, the radio ways were being used extensively by other US units in the area, which clogged up the radio ways.... and the SEALS couldn't call in for the gunship support..... without the call the Spectre gunship couldn't open fire... so the SEALS were on their own, they did compleate their mission... but with a cost, they took many casualties, yet they still fought hard to compleate the objective.... d**n those SEALS are tough!  ;D ( Hoooorah NAVY!!!!, Me being in NJROTC of course  ;D )

i saw the same program but here in UK on channel 4 - they were going after his private gulfstream jet - planned to sneak up on it and fire M203 grenades into the hangar to damage the jet - they got found and had to retreat but yet managed to damage the plane enough to prevent the guys escape - although this was at great cost  :-\
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Re:Para-jumping from Blackhawks? & Update: Panama Ranger jump
« Reply #17 on: 13 Jun 2003, 05:17:34 »
Navy seals did take a beating out of them.  I heard that when they were being extracted by littlebirds that one of the little birds went sideways when a guy was getting on and on the blades hit his helmet.  He survived though, only clipped part of his helmet but the helmet hitting the blade made his neck snap so he had to get a thing put on his neck.

That was the Delta rescue of Kurt Muse.