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Author Topic: Rescue mission  (Read 872 times)

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Rescue mission
« on: 14 Apr 2003, 19:22:52 »
Wasup every1. Im just starting to make a mission. The intro that i've just finished tells you what happends but: Basically what happens is a small team of US Army Rangers (Using the BAS addons) are tasked to report back on enemy traffic movement along a road in the South. A Ural stops and they're compromised, a firefight breaks out and all the rangers are killed except the Sniper who legs it and gets away. He contacts HQ they arrange a meeting place he goes and the Blackhawk gets shot down, then he gets attacked takes out the patrol with his sniper rifle and hides in a wood.

In the mission you and your team go in and must find him before the enemys do. You will have to avoid huge firefights as the enemy have armor, you will need the BAS Delta/Ranger pack. I'll post more details as the mission develops.


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Re:Rescue mission
« Reply #1 on: 17 Apr 2003, 13:09:43 »
Sounds pretty cool, would it be one of those where you need to search throu a whole wood, or is it traces after him at a few places like... A dead russian group?


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Re:Rescue mission
« Reply #2 on: 17 Apr 2003, 15:17:00 »
could be a fun challenge. what about the friendly ai in your squad, it can be hard to get them to find a good hiding spot at short notice. so is that supposed to be just a luck situation or are you gonna play around with scripting?