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« on: 16 Mar 2003, 09:48:41 »
what about korea?
the conflict in korea is always overlooked in games
save for saber ace and mig alley
lots of bloody battles were fought over there in various weather conditions as well as lotsa plane es bombing and dogfighting
addons wouldnt reqiuuire too much more than the standard stuff
MiG15 and the F86 would be a must the F9 Panther (i think thats right) would be advised and various bombers
jeeps are already made
most of the weapons are already made the uniforms are pretty much ww2 uniforms i believe so it shouldnt be that hard to work it

its just too hard for me ;D

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« Reply #1 on: 18 Mar 2003, 08:17:27 »
*humming the MASH-song*

Tu-du-du-du-tu-tö-tu. or something. ;)

Once the addons are done, it shouldnÂ't be a problem :D


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« Reply #2 on: 18 Mar 2003, 08:30:13 »
 Yeah  I think this was mentioned a while back ...  and I think alot of the armor was left over from WW2 as well.....

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« Reply #3 on: 20 Mar 2003, 03:58:28 »
as far as i know it was all the same stuff basically with the addition of jet fighters and a few vehicle improvements the guns and uniforms are basically the same though