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Author Topic: IGI 2 style teamplay, w/ Rasta's weap-buying scripts  (Read 976 times)

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I've recently played the Project: IGI2 multiplayer demo, I must say it's some fun teamplay. I'd really like to see Rastavovich's weapon buying script put to good use in some multiple-mission based scenarios seen in that game (the demo was a good example). If anyone has played it, they know what I mean. Dynamic changing spawn points for both sides as mission objectives change, multiple objectives spanned over a certain area relevant to their respective spawn points.

Someone might be asking why I don't just play that. Well to be honest. I like OFP better. Yes IGI has better sounds and it's a newer game, but I can't stand the Counterstrike'ish weapon damage and the fact that you usually see people strafing at 20km/h dueling with another guy at 6m not hitting one another for squat.

Not only that but OFP is just more versatile. And I like the fact that when I aim a gun at someone in OFP and shoot. The bullet doesn't magically not register or miss at insanely close range. As it seems to do with IGI 2.