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Author Topic: Missions for the SAS MOD  (Read 1264 times)

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Missions for the SAS MOD
« on: 28 Aug 2002, 14:52:41 »
Regardless of what it seems like, the SAS MOD is still moving along, we just took a bit of a break is all. So I thought I'd give ya'll an example of the missions we're looking at making. I would tell you a bit more info about them but with all the stealing that's going around at the moment I'm being a little over cautious with it.

This is really just to give you guys an exapmle of what's being considered, and might I remind you that this is only a very small portion of what we want in the finished product, and I mean REALLY small.

We don't have the official names for all of them but you get the drift.

The Pebble Island Raid - Falklands, massive assault on an Argentinian Base
Operation: Paraqet
Peterhead Prison - Controlling a prison riot with no weapons
Operation: Barras
Operation: Brutus
Operation: Bergbang
Operation: Benson
Operation: Begonia
Operation: Baytown
Operation: Archway
Operation: Apostle
Operation: Flavius - IRA in Gibraltar - Car Bomb
Albania, Hostage Rescue
Operation: Baobab - WW2 Raid on a Railway line and a few other things

As well as 4 Bosnian missions

Most, not all, but most of these can be found in Barry Davies, The SAS Encyclopedia

Remember, this is a SMALL portion of what we want in the end product, so no whinging about how there's not enough missions, etc. etc.


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Re:Missions for the SAS MOD
« Reply #1 on: 28 Aug 2002, 23:37:36 »
This is not a mission idea, this is plain and simply advertising. And advertising is deemed off topic in the OFPEC forums.

Therefore: topic locked.