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Author Topic: Cops N' Robers based on findtheserialkiller  (Read 1543 times)

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Iron cross

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Cops N' Robers based on findtheserialkiller
« on: 17 Feb 2003, 21:15:45 »
HEy im wanting to make a mission about Cops and Robers based on  Find the serial Killer & Everon cartel Mod Ideas

& Since  nothing seems to be hapening on the Cops n Robers Scene Im workinging on a MP mission Cops n' Robers
But it will have mutch more than Just Cops n robers
go here for

more http://www.ofpec.com/yabbse/index.php?board=7;action=display;threadid=6421

PS Need 1 persion to help me with Complex scripting  Also All Ideas Are Welcom other than involving Military units in mission or drugs.

Iron cross

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Re:Cops N' Robers based on findtheserialkiller
« Reply #1 on: 18 Feb 2003, 00:41:08 »


I'm a llama!

  HELP with Cops n' Robers MP mission
« on: February 16, 2003, 12:26:39 PM »  

Hey im Im Iron cross its my 2nd time on the forum i  have been checking & learing  alot about scripts
i Swore i would NEVER do that but since no 1 else seems to
be making a mission inspierd by FINDTHESERIALKILLER 2.0
about Cops N Robers i Will with  most likely & Hopefully Lots of help

the Mission is as Falolows i hope it to be ...

Map Noegova.
30 Civiys All Respawnable
5 Mafia 3 of which will be playable east side respawn 1 min
5 Fang clan/cult 3 of whitch  playable resistance side respawn 1 min
2 arms dealers err mobile dealers in Civ URL Civ Side respawn 3 min in arms truck
1 Serial Killer side Civ wanted playable respawn 5 min
2 terrorists  2 playable Civ wanted side respawn 4 min
2 bank vans 2 AI drivers Hijackable moveing between banks & Respawnable in bank van side Civ.
3 banks in towns with 3 AI guards all respawn with full kity
side Civ.

10 NPD (Noegova police Dpt) 10 playable officers All respawn 30 sec at  NDP stations 2-3 Stations.

12 NFBI (Noegova FBI) Heavily armed Police in otherwords
2 playable NFBI officers respawn at Police HQ 1.30 mins.

Id like to add money to the game play let Mafia  make money by standing next to bank  running a "protection" racket & police make money  from banks evrey min &  police need money to buy weapons &  Squad cars

Serial killer dosent make eney Money But has a hunting Sniper Rifel to start & a  Glock & plays for Kills & score
1 cop killed  2000 pts  1 Civ killed 1000 pts ect
& all sides Are Rivaling for score
but id like to make difren objectives killer kills for score
Mafi  Londer money & Hit selected Civys  under Police guard for Points & Money
Fang Cult kill Mafia & Cops For Money & score
terrorists  Blow Up Mayors Office & Police stations & kill cops for score ect ect.

i want to use the Folowing addons & include them in a zip with mission when done

so u can see what im wanting to do is a bit mutch but i want to do it & i NEEED help cos i am not verry good at all this scripting milarky.

please post eney feed back here or if eney one else is doening something like this Id like to help dont really want to do this but i must have a COPS N ROBERS MAP ! ...  
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Snow on us all!!1
  Re:HELP with Cops n' Robers MP mission
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2003, 01:29:08 PM »  


Well youre my sucessor, i already before had this kind of fool ideas that are extra hard to realize, only to say 2 things: real ofp and cs ofp... 2 crazy but overcool projects, never completed because i lacked of sanity and people here got aware of this, lol. Hope you hawe not only good ideas, but also the skills to realize them, not like me  
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..I know, my english suxx. lol  
Iron cross


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  Re:HELP with Cops n' Robers MP mission
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2003, 04:48:11 PM »  

hey some 1 actuly  posted!! not exsactly a coder wanting to help me but hey  

now as for the fool part ..it mite be  but its my idea i ...."I" want this mission because "I" think it would be cool,
i couldent care whether eney 1 els plays it but "I" want to play it.

as for lack of  Sanity the doctort gave me a sertifacate saying i am a SAIN persion when i left the  hospital  
.......lol JK  

eney way it will  be made only a mater of time & i have a lot of that im not a memeber ot the "rat race" dont have to work for 2-3 months & i have other  means of income  wink wink.

as for progress i have a early version working crudebut working i could use some help with peep ho no more about codes IDeas & peep ho have MSN & willing to help me test it.
Last Night i tested it with a friend & i noticed for the 1st time that u cant hear Sirens or horns for vehicles online only in SP we were testing the JMgcops car  made the flashing afect not the siren .... bit of a buger working on a err work around  still thinking about that 1 .

so eney help ideas for game play & things Got the Money  thing sorted from a script i found here on ofpec so.

I was thinking of making small background Files Like in Resident Evil for the Charicters like the Serial killer could be Nick namdes god or jack 'O Niel x navy-seal sniper of something lol

last but not leats 1st i hate CS & love DOD & TFC 2nd evreything i Aim for gets done sooner or later.  
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Iron cross


I'm a llama!

  Re:HELP with Cops n' Robers MP mission
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 06:29:55pm »  

OK Update  i want to curl up into a ball n' Die my frikin  head Hurts, downloaded 2 ...2!!! scripting Tutes been at them for 9hrs now & i have decided to Toataly redo  the scripts & Not trust eney of my scripting.

so i could really do with a partner  some 1 ho noe's how to do complex scripts  & ideas & work arounds.

& i have figuerd out from about 27 peep so far  ho play Find the serial killer that  they want this as mutch as i do so im not doing it for just me eney more for my m8s so Ideas from u peep would be cool Please!

been reading up on Police tactics & things so got some good ideas ( some of the Anti Terrorist Laws ive read about make u wonder if these people have heard of Human Rites).
But eney way things are chuging along  need more IDEAS i  like some of the Everon Cartel Ideas aswell  
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  Re:HELP with Cops n' Robers MP mission
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 10:43:12pm »  


Quote:i  like some of the Everon Cartel Ideas aswell


As far as what you're asking about...  IMO it sounds like you need to form a small mod or something!  

The best place to ask for people to help you on a "larger" scale idea is to click on the "Training Depot" above..  There you can post requests for people with the talents you need!    

Good luck on this!  


P.S.  Welcome to the Forums!!!  
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  Re:HELP with Cops n' Robers MP mission
« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 10:52:25pm »  

I like the sound of this map you wanna make.
I would also like to see what you have done so far with it.
i have had a similar idea for a mission to and it was a big complex mofo just like what you have in mined.

the only prob is im not a good script writer
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Pope Zog
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Caseus Sancti Maleficus Est

  Re:HELP with Cops n' Robers MP mission
« Reply #6 on: Yesterday at 11:02:49pm »  

By Iron cross' own request, please continue this discussion in this thread.

Pope Zog  
just to  keep things up to date

Iron cross

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Re:Cops N' Robers based on findtheserialkiller
« Reply #2 on: 18 Feb 2003, 01:12:50 »
Rite well Asmodius ur welcome Infact I love ur Idea for a Mod &,
 I saw something at the botom of ur name  asking for BETA Testers ID love a go at that! :D

As for the Mod Thing ....Nice try lol good IDea But that Would Drive me Insane its Hard Enuf trying to Lern a bit about scripting & making a PLayable MP mission  Let alone a Full Blown Mod.

& as For  asking People  To help me in a Mod i dont think there is enuf People  with skills floating around if there was there would be Lots of FULL Mod out by now wouldent u say ? or am i missing  something from my point of vew?

As for the Welcome & good luck Thx Lots!!

As for me using As alot dont start i cant think of eneything els to put lol. ;D

Hey Deadman cool nice to see im not in the Minority

As for  a huge Complex Mother Bumper hope it wont be i think i can see mcnils point of vew lol could drive u Insan  Esecialy if u hate being traped indoors like me  :-\ ;D

As for progress i was using Serial killer scripts  due to my
Nievity i thot i could make it using those scrpits alone but thx to lots of reading i  have a new outlook at things so im starting from scratch im still trying to figure out  what units ill be using making small tests & testing scripts & so on  Just a Build up lerning as i go  b4 i start could use some 1 ho has done this b4 thow to help me No joke scripting still looks like a bloody F22 Raptor to a cave man to me  & i dont care How meney peep say its easy ...EASY MY ARSE its like Math with Words & i HATE MATHS note im 19 & HATE MATHS!

OOH & Good News on the Siren Problem i got a script to Fix that & do better  from a friend  Dax from CoD clan. ;D ;D ;)

So basicly Im still needing a Scripter ho Knows what there doing. & some 1 ho can help me in general with skills of a sort

I no How to Model in milkshape  but its dodgy i prefer 3dmax studio aint done it in  While thow
havent tryed animating
been in 4 clans
Col  [7S0] spec op unit [RCS] DOD/TFC clan helped make the site for that clan & start it with me old m8 showdown.
started [GA]  with half of the [RCS] clan during Civil war silly i no but fun.
K5  clan DOD/TFC again  Lt.Col
101st Airborn FAMUS Half life/DoD clan Col Recruiter & Match organiser for 2-3 Companies

Im going to get started on  mission tomorrow reading up on more Police tactics & Anti Police tactics Employed By organised Crime Sindicates discoverd in HongCong.

ENEY SILLY little Info WOuld be a boost & a Help

pps ill check mostly 1-2 times evrey day  normally

Iron cross

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Re:Cops N' Robers based on findtheserialkiller
« Reply #3 on: 19 Feb 2003, 00:33:41 »
 :Dcant type mutch past few hrs had some Major Brake throughs so things looking good going to have a test of mission tomorrow afternoone some time . ;D ;)

Iron cross

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Re:Cops N' Robers based on findtheserialkiller
« Reply #4 on: 19 Feb 2003, 18:39:21 »
Rite well its tomorrow afternoone & i was makig great progress but came to a screeming Stop Agin,

I made a post asking for some help with scripting i cant figure out how to get round it  so im stuck untill i get a answer to my Question  in Multiplay/scripting Area.

made some changes Terrorists would be cool but  to Dificult yat  so im leveing them out for now & im thinking about an Idea like CTF between the 2 Gangs &  a couple other things like the gangs can set up mobile Spawn Points/HQs in "Safe Houses" on everon...but thatas for Later  version . ;D

I am also thinking about Exchanging the Mobile Weapons Dealers with Weapon Shops I found the perfect script for the Money & weapons Shop so no worrys.

Iron cross

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Re:Cops N' Robers based on findtheserialkiller
« Reply #5 on: 21 Feb 2003, 22:56:54 »
hey well small update iv  had to change ALot of things due to flashpoints limits  & thot of a few new things aswell but u will see soon enuf  just fixing a few things here n there got a couple of scripts to get of peep  that i really need so  still going .

Iron cross

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Re:Cops N' Robers based on findtheserialkiller
« Reply #6 on: 23 Feb 2003, 15:55:23 »
Well after waiting for a few days  & asking on other forums it cant be done its a  bug so i will have to just carry on building the mission & use a prison as suggested by a m8.
after the hold back  i wont have it done till next week as i have to help my gramps at his work for a day or 2.

but its basicly Finished So i am Wanting peep to send me email adrreses for helping me test mission some time after the weekend on WKK server with a few m8s