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Author Topic: New Kind of MP mission  (Read 834 times)

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Coyote @ rage

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New Kind of MP mission
« on: 17 Feb 2003, 10:35:30 »
This came to my mind recently, and I thought IÂ'd share:

I wanted to do sth. new, besides plain ctf, c&h and tdm, and this is what I cam up with:
Combine several missiontypes with each other by letting the mission play in differerent places:
For Example:
I made a WWII mission that started on some Coast. 1st part was Omaha-Beach style, and it was objective based. West win if they manage to blow up some German Guns, East (German) win if they keep the Allies from doing so for a certain amount of time, the time set for eac part of the mission by the server admin. In this case 5,10 or 15 minutes. When either sides win I setpos the respawn areas to some other place where an ordinary SectorControl takes place. ThatÂ's part 2 and itÂ's wrapped into a nice story about keeping supply lines open blabla. Again, after the set amount of time the repawn zones get setposed and part 3 starts. Some objective-based thingy.
At the end I check some variables about whos has won which part and the final winner is the side that won 2 out of 3.
The mission I made is done, and it works good. CanÂ't really share it, bacause it has an 11MB Addon Pack.
I transferred the players by killing them in a short cutscene between the parts, where they didnÂ't notice AFTER I setposed the respawn areas, but if you want accurate killcount (not sure if OFP accurately counts kills, though), you might as well setpos them, too.
The objective based parts pf course require some extensive testing and balancing the sides.

IÂ'm hoping to make some missions that people donÂ't get bored of that fast.
Anyway, just wanted to know what you fellas think about that.



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Re:New Kind of MP mission
« Reply #1 on: 17 Feb 2003, 19:17:36 »
I think it's great.
Because I love the ww2 addons, and it's sounds like a very good mission as well..

I've done a few ww2 missions, but not that complicated..


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Re:New Kind of MP mission
« Reply #2 on: 01 Mar 2003, 05:10:21 »
sounds like mohaa witha better game engine IMO