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Author Topic: Decent AA-Layout for Nogova  (Read 923 times)

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Decent AA-Layout for Nogova
« on: 13 Feb 2003, 17:08:55 »
The Situation: Nogova is divided into East and West; the fronline runs roughly from north to south. East has air superiority through cleverly acting and well positioned Anti-Air-Units. This makes it very hard and dangerous for West to pass the frontline with a helo or a plane.

My Topic: How could a a sensible Anti-Air-Layout for East look like without spreading like 20 Shilkas from north to south?

Demands: It souldn't be impossible to pass the border unharmed but still very dangerous and nerve wrecking with maybe a 60 / 40 Chance for East to destroy a passing Helo. (NB: The storyline opens the possibility for West to force one Shilka to change position; thereby opening a safe corridor to pass (optional side quest of the mission; already realized).

Status: I have positioned 6 Shilkas along the north-south-axis; I tried several test-flights with a West-helo across the border. Sometimes the helo will get shot at sometimes not. But still I'm not 100%-satistfied with (a) the distribution of the Shilkas and (b) the dramatics/staging when you cross the frontline.

Have you got input for me, what could be reasonable parametres to check in order to get a sensible AA-Layout? What are good means the stage a "dramatic and dangerous" flight across the border? What else comes to your mind that could improve this border? I'm not looking for a ready-made-solutions, just for food for thought for this.

Thank you and regards

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Re:Decent AA-Layout for Nogova
« Reply #1 on: 14 Feb 2003, 12:19:42 »
A few thoughts ....

There are some new air scripts in the Ed Depot, one of them is a kind of Shilka warning receiver which makes a satisfactorily alarming ping ..... you could try installing that - its quite atmospheric.

Instead of just Shilkas, have some of the border patrolled by AA soldiers.    If the are moving then the exact place that is covered is constantly changing, so you can never be sure whether they will get you or not.    Maybe if put their skill level low they will miss a lot, which could make for some nice missiles trails in the sky.

Make sure you cover the coasts so that the player can't simply just fly out to sea and back in again.

You should always reward skill in the player, so place your Shilkas in the "correct" places:   guarding bridges, road junctions, towns etc.   The player can then look at the map and think "hmmm, that route is likely to be guarded."    Also guard the most obvious by-passes .... but leave the less obvious ones unguarded, you've got to be able to get through somehow.

Place some Shillkas next to woods or buildings ..... then the field of fire is blocked in one direction.   Means that you can fly relatively close to one without it being able to shoot you, which might help with the tension level.

Use a trigger with music when the pilot gets close to the border.   Very atmostpheric, music.    I find the regular Death music quite off-putting when it starts in the middle of a mission.

Use titletext to flash up a big warning on the screen - "Beware AAA!" -  as you cross the border.

Use doMove to make a friendly AI contolled chopper fly ahead of the player as he gets near the border .... then teleport in (and out) an AA soldier to shoot it down with a missile.  Hopefully the player will see it and wet his pants.    A kind of cutscene in a way, but as part of the playable game.

Plenty of reviewed ArmA missions for you to play


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Re:Decent AA-Layout for Nogova
« Reply #2 on: 17 Feb 2003, 12:11:03 »
Thanks, macguba, many thanks, your tips are really imaginative!

I already learned that normally shilkas (or AA-tanks in general) are supported by AA-soldiers/spotters. I'll definitely will have some in the mission.

A complete new input was the "correct" placement of the AA-units. And that nearly brings me to the point to change the east-west-situation. As you mentioned, the coast should also be guarded - avoiding an easy fly-in via the sea. So I guess it will be too much effort to develop the demanded AA-Layout for half of nogova. For the player there are really only to "ground hot spots" in the mission. So I'll have to reduce the guarded area.

The cutscene-idea is exciting. I'll give it a try. Also the air-script and title text. I'm always a bit reluctant with music. We all heared the standard music too often and custom music makes the mission files very large. In my eyes it's only justified when it absolutely fits into the situation.

Once again, thank you 4 your input.