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Author Topic: Heroics  (Read 903 times)

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« on: 27 Jan 2003, 18:55:44 »
Recently I've come to reaise that there are alot of war heroics not broadcast to the public.

To give a few examples durng te Borneo conflict 70 SAS troops had to patrol a 200 KM border! Impossible? for 70 men, yes. But the SAS made friends with the villagers on the outskirts of the jungle, trained them and let them assist in protecting their land.

The enemy made patrols in the jungle, the SAS tracked 'em down, followed them for 50 KM and ten struck killing and capturing 6 differant patrols.

Another example is things like where SAS and the Detla Force co-operated in destroying 6 differant scds deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. Together it is estimated the 12 troops (6 SAS, 6 Delta) killed over 300 men and destroyed over 50 vehicles. Eventually they were tracked down and killed but only after about 5 months of remaining hidden and striking randomly on the enemy.

Any missions that can show the, danger and especially the heroics of these kind of events are great to play. Plus with the addition of SEB NAM pack 2 events like I've mentioned are extremely possible to capture.

Anyone agree?

O Neil

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« Reply #1 on: 31 Jan 2003, 06:22:10 »
Wow, yea :o