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Author Topic: Military Tactics  (Read 1160 times)

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Military Tactics
« on: 26 Jan 2003, 18:49:43 »
I ithink it's best to place this post here.
Just like the topic says i'm looking texts or web sites about military tactics. I know that are many tutorials about creating realistic missions on OFPEC but sometimes this isn't enough.
Does any one can help?


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Re:Military Tactics
« Reply #1 on: 29 Jan 2003, 08:29:15 »

I would try the U.S. military sites.



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Re:Military Tactics
« Reply #2 on: 31 Jan 2003, 18:08:45 »
Unless you know what you are looking for it is very hard to find modern tactics that are good.

Best place you could look are actually newspapers that are covering the movements of troops in the gulf.

Here in the UK, The Guardian gave a huge report on what was hapening, what the main target was, amount of enemy and tanks.

So I guess newspapers and their websites are a good bet too.

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Re:Military Tactics
« Reply #3 on: 01 Feb 2003, 13:04:22 »
The old Training and Doctrine Digital Library is always good... though that only refers to US tactics and doctrine...

However it gives you a basic idea how things are done by the big boys ;)

You'll probably want the infantry rifle platoon/company manuals, and others depending on what you're after exactly in your mission

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Re:Military Tactics
« Reply #4 on: 03 Feb 2003, 02:38:55 »
Well, you might want to clarify exactly what type of tactics you are talking about. Do you mean squad level, company level, divison level, et. al? I assume that you mean small-scale tactics, such as squad and platoon level tactics, since that is really what OFP is designed for. In that case, newspapers aren't really going to be much of a help, since they cover large-scale troop movements. What I would suggest is a really handy book called the Guidebook for Marines. It has tons of useful information for marines on topics such as drill, mc history, weapons maintainence, close combat, land navigation, defensive constructions, combat formations, hand signals, etc. The part that would most interest you is the chapter on squad tactics. It pretty much has more information then you could put into a mission. You also may be interested in learning about marine corps unit structure, such as MAGTF's, MEU's, etc.

The Guidebook for Marines is published by the Marine Corps Association in Quantico, Virginia. I got mine at the PX in MCRD, San Diego. I'm not really sure where/how you could get a copy. If there is an MC unit stationed nearby you, you could get a copy at their PX. You might be able to order it online or something, too. There isn't a website listed in my copy, but there is a "bookservice" phone number, which might be of use: 1-888-237-7683
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Re:Military Tactics
« Reply #5 on: 03 Feb 2003, 04:42:08 »
There is an online version of the "Guidebook for Marines" available, I have a saved copy at home (in HTML format) grabbed from a site.

I just can't for the life of me recall where I got it, and I can't look it up here at work (damn Surf Control and his giant red hand!)
I'll post the links (or just the zipped files) when I get home in a few hours.

As for military tactics .... best bet is just to sign up. ;)
...kidding (but it does help).

All I would offer is "Read as much as you can handle".
Visit the library, bookstores or search online, not just for squad tactics but larger scales too, as mentioned by General Barron.

You can't appreciate small-scale tactics without learning their basis in the "larger picture".
Hope this helps, will post again soon.

Well, I had a copy but I can't find the damn thing now .... and do you think I can find where I got it from? Blasted thing, its going to haunt me for days now.
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