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Author Topic: Fear? Campaign?  (Read 1120 times)

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Fear? Campaign?
« on: 15 Jan 2003, 15:27:54 »
Well, I am planning on a campaign called "Fear", it's about American troops find themselfs are out of supply, weapons and ammo, and they have to fight the well fed russians, how about that? Anyway, you can get the demo at my site. (see below)  ???


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Re:Fear? Campaign?
« Reply #1 on: 15 Jan 2003, 18:25:35 »
Sounds ok but you need to expand on the idea, like why are the Americans short on supplys? Did the Soviets sink the US supply ships? BTW I can move this thread for you to the beta testing board if you want some feedback on your demo?

O Neil

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Re:Fear? Campaign?
« Reply #2 on: 31 Jan 2003, 06:38:25 »
Yea I think you better, cause here comes a suggestion. ;)


Sounds good, you could make it like a movie. Make a mission where you win this battle (Or something), and have a cut-scene at the end, then make all the missions with things like "1 year ago" and it builds up to the first mission.
Get it?

O Neil ;)

PS: Soz, can't try your mission, I've got 1.46
PPS: That's becoming a real drag nowadays if you get what I mean :-\
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