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Author Topic: Marines.  (Read 951 times)

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« on: 07 Jan 2003, 07:58:07 »
I'm using the Us Marines addon for my new mission.
It's a multiplayer mission where the players starts on an island outside Nogovo, so they use a boat to get to the island, where they have to sneak into an enemy camp and steal some transportation.

After that their objectives are:

1. Kill Colonel Jenkin
2. Secure the bridge
3. Find crashed pilot
4. Get home alive

I'm using a lot of triggers, for example, when/if you find the pilot, you'll get ambushed from all directions, so teamwork is a must!

What do you think?
Is this a good idea?

Offline dmakatra

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« Reply #1 on: 07 Jan 2003, 11:42:34 »
Do it as a night mission, I think it will get better then


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« Reply #2 on: 07 Jan 2003, 12:36:07 »
Oh, yes. It's not really night, It's evening. around 2000 hours.
I've placed mines over some of the roads, that won't be heard of.
I would like to see the players faces when their vehicle suddenly explodes..


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« Reply #3 on: 07 Jan 2003, 13:05:13 »

Dude, It's sounding nice... and NO, do it at day.


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« Reply #4 on: 07 Jan 2003, 14:37:54 »
Hmm.. I'll make it morning then.
Just when the night turns into day.
I think it'll be difficult to fight off an ambush at night.