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Author Topic: OFPWH40K Bolter Editing (Need Help)  (Read 836 times)

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Offline ReddieChan

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OFPWH40K Bolter Editing (Need Help)
« on: 10 Jun 2019, 03:18:51 »
Hey all! I've recently downloaded a big mod for OFP which is the Warhammer 40,0000 Mod, and while it's really cool, it's got one really big issue! The bolters (or a primary weapon for the units) is missing sounds, while others are fine.

I simply want to know how to go about locating the file that contains the bolter or the units with it, and how to edit them to fix the sound.

I'm assuming it would be easier to locate the file containing the weapon that lacks proper sounds and copy/paste the sound code from the other weapons that are working and identical to the non-working weapon. If not that, I'm assuming I'd just have to edit the specific units that are affected by the broken weapon and change their loadout for the editor.

Any advice?

Offline SoldierEPilot

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Re: OFPWH40K Bolter Editing (Need Help)
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jun 2019, 13:59:41 »
1) Class to seek: in init field of unit with bolter write:
hint primaryWeapon this
OK, now you know what to seek in cfgWeapons superclass in config.cpp

if you have patch 2.01 installed

just try this:
bolterName getWeaponParam "model"
and this
bolterName getWeaponParam "picture"
The result may contain path to config location.

use PBOX utility to find pbo with infantry weapons.
If file has weapon models 90% probability what it has gun configs in config.cpp
If it has models but no config - try check PBOs with similar name.

As an alternative, you can use binary search:
a) move a half of addon files to some folder in /addons directory.
b) now try to add bolter to standard BIS Captive soldier:
this addWeapon bolterClassName
c) if error like "class bolterName not found" occures, you need to seek among moved addons, if not -
check out addons left.

And there is also a small chance what bolter class was defined in mod config.
So just seek for a "bolterName" in bin\config.cpp and in hpp files if any present in bin folder.