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Author Topic: No interior or gear on standalone skin (CH-49)  (Read 931 times)

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No interior or gear on standalone skin (CH-49)
« on: 08 Dec 2017, 19:12:08 »
Hello guys! :D

So i am really new to modding in Arma, and currently im trying to make my first skin for a helicopter. The skin is currently done, but i have one "major" issue. The model doesn't have any landing gear nor interior. I have looked at other peoples config.cpp and cfgVehicles and cfgPatches, without getting an solution for my issue.
Here are some screenshots of how it looks like atm.


And here is the three config files:

Code: [Select]
class CfgPatches {
class Ch49_rnoaf_330sq {
units[] = {"Ch49_rnoaf_330sq"};
weapons[] = {};
requiredVersion = 1.2;
author = "Krijag";
requiredAddons[] = {};

Code: [Select]
class CfgVehicles {
class I_Heli_transport_02_F;

class Ch49_rnoaf_330sq : I_Heli_transport_02_F {
_generalMacro = "I_Heli_transport_02_F";
displayName = "CH-49 RNoAF 330sq SAR";
scope = public;
scopeCurator = 2;
scopeArsenal = 2;
    crew = "B_Helipilot_F";
typicalCargo[] = {"b_survivor_F"};
side = TCivilian;
faction = CIV_F;
hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\heli_rnoaf_aw101\data\skins\Ch49_rnoaf_330sq_1.paa", "\heli_rnoaf_aw101\data\skins\Ch49_rnoaf_330sq_2.paa", "\heli_rnoaf_aw101\data\skins\Ch49_rnoaf_330sq_3.paa"};
availableForSupportTypes[] = {"Transport"};

Code: [Select]
#define TEast 0
#define TWest 1
#define TGuerrila 2
#define TCivilian 3
#define TSideUnknown 4
#define TEnemy 5
#define TFriendly 6
#define TLogic 7

#define private 0
#define protected 1
#define public 2

class DefaultEventhandlers; // External class reference
#include "CfgPatches.hpp"
#include "CfgVehicles.hpp"
#include "cfgMods.hpp"

Hopefully someone can help!

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Re: No interior or gear on standalone skin (CH-49)
« Reply #1 on: 09 Dec 2017, 19:42:11 »
Welcome (to the completely desolate) OFPEC  :welcome:

You have to also "link" to the texture from the original model, the texture that has the interior and the wheel rigs and such: "A3\Air_F_Beta\Heli_Transport_02\Data\Heli_Transport_02_int_02_CO.paa"

As in add that as the last texture after your own textures in the hiddenSelectionsTextures[]

The amount of textures you have in that array has to correspond the amount of hidden selections on the model, in the exact order:
The model in question has 4 hidden selections: hiddenSelections[] = {"camo1", "camo2", "camo3", "camo4"}
You have only three textures defined so they only cover the selections camo1, camo2 and camo3 leaving camo4 without any textures => missing gear and stuff.

Oh, and btw, you should register a TAG and use it with the chopper class name especially if you're gonna be using that thing publicly. :cop:
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