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Author Topic: Help with long lost mission  (Read 973 times)

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Help with long lost mission
« on: 14 Dec 2002, 09:10:21 »
A while back I downloaded a custom mission from someone from an OFP forum, simply called Sniper or something like that.  My computer had some problems and I lost my harddrive.  Tonight I reinstalled OFP and remembered that I downloaded that mission, and no longer had it.

Basically you were a sniper that stays in the treeline and gives support to your squad as they attack a russian occupied town.  Then when you finish securing the town, you go down the road a little bit and take out russians at a road checkpoint.

The mission was so simple, yet so fun.  I played it over and over, but now it's gone :(

Does anybody possibly have this custom mission?  I searched in the Missions area and couldn't find it.



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Re:Help with long lost mission
« Reply #1 on: 04 Jan 2003, 11:04:37 »
 Really, if you lost it thats your fault I'm afraid and there is no real problem here, plus its got nothing to do OFPEC, just you re-installing flashpoint and losing it. If you cant find it anywhere either here or in the missions depot I wouldn't bother.
 Don't fret, there are plenty more missions out there to play and , hell, they are probably better.


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Re:Help with long lost mission
« Reply #2 on: 04 Jan 2003, 17:59:17 »
The question could have been answered much better than that. There are a lot of missions here, and maybe more info from Hex55 could help us track it down. But please, Mitrokin, be careful of making such flippant and unhelpful replies.