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Author Topic: CTI Ia Drang!!!!  (Read 994 times)

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CTI Ia Drang!!!!
« on: 07 Dec 2002, 12:31:39 »
Hey all, I'm about to make CTi ia Drang BUT not CTI it will be some kind of coop CTI its an commandeer who get weapons and choppers for players/soldiers then they get in choppers which is for different landzones etc.
and for other locations I will add a chinook who flyes over there and you have to eject !

I'm also going to add a scoring system so for each enemy u kill u will get money and when taking over a landzone/location u will get more money and it also depending on how long u can hold the lz/location.

U would be able to add mortar with the action menu when u are at that landzone/location!

When u are attacking the landzone u will have to deffend because probably the vietcongs will make an counterattack!

I have asked MF (author of CTI) if I can use some of his scripts.

I could need a bit help with this cause it would be hard to do.

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Re:CTI Ia Drang!!!!
« Reply #1 on: 03 Jan 2003, 00:32:05 »
Hi. I've just posted a We Were Soldiers campaign idea before I saw this. Yes I think some of this would be a good idea. But I'm not to sure about the money part. Read my We Were Soldiers campaign idea then we could combine elements from the two.
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