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Petrovice Salient
« on: 18 Nov 2002, 22:25:29 »
Hi there,

I have a question about this mission:
does anyone have an idea how to continue after the main attack?
I did kill all the soldiers, picked up an M21 and went to meet the heli, except it isn't there, so back to my new leader. He and the squad get killed in the BMP before I reach town, but there's this Wait for others WP. So I wait and kill a lot more of soldiers. After a while -after nothing hapened- I get a radio to go east. At the bridge, I kill all the soldiers, cross it and then I get the mission failed message. What da hank???
I started the mission 5 times over, everytime an all new start with Intro... but the BMP always gets destroyed and the WP stays???

I really like this mission. Good work. Very tense (except for the long runs), and I'd really like to finish it.