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Author Topic: Stringtable as a function storage  (Read 1206 times)

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Stringtable as a function storage
« on: 23 Jan 2015, 19:57:12 »
Hello word!

One of my main scripting projects structure was inspired by MCAR_engine.pbo.
It was very original idea - to store sqf code in that place. That's why I stole it)

Today I slightly changed the Notepad++ scripts I used for DASH_Library 2.0 development,
so these versions can be used in MCAR project revision (if someone want it)
or with creating MCAR-like scripting solutions.

Installation notes

Usage: select 1 or several lines in stringtable and run ;
Plugins - Automation Scripts - MCAR_ToSQF
It will create one or more function listings.

To add/replace 1 function in stringtable:
Select one function (with comment-header, if it exists)

comment {dummy fn};

Plugins - Automation Scripts - MCAR_ToCSV
Function code will be prepared to paste to CSV,
it will looks like
dummy, "_this",dummy fn