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Author Topic: How do you like Scripting Standart for Addons?  (Read 1436 times)

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How do you like Scripting Standart for Addons?
« on: 07 Jul 2014, 18:46:15 »

Several suggestions from scripter to addonmakers.

1) Add stringtable.csv in every *.pbo with at least 1
string - unique string for each addon. BIS addons have a good example.
Purpose: code like ""!=(localize ("STR_ADD_"+_pboName))
will say you IF this addon LOADED or NOT.

2) Add "Init" eventhandler for every unit with this lines:
a) if there is no array "allgroups" - create it;
b)if group of this unit not found in "allgroups" - add it;
Purpose: you get all groups of units on the map.
Very usefull for nearest friend/enemy detection or something.

3) For infantry packs use JAM3 weapons and several rearming scripts:
for LSR/SJB/WGL/ICP/BAS.../ weapon packs.
With suggestion 1) implemented for popular addons
it's not a problem to check WHAT weapon pack is enabled.
So people can use such inf. pack with different weapon addons
without any problems.

4) 2 axes for each model and  4 rotation animations.
2 for changing bank, 2 for changing pitch.
Purpose: car turning over effect, moving barrels with fuel,
placing objects under some angle...

5) If custom animations doesn't moderately affect
to perfomance - add another 7-15 axes and
7-15 custom animations with very small period.
Purpose: I don't know how good behaviour of  my property system
(propset/propget)in MP (I can attach SP example if needed),
this is the aproach WORKING in MP. There will be about 10
numeric properties for NVG on/off, GasMask on/off, bleeding,
stunning, rank, supression and/or another things.

6) Many hidden selections for units+"setobjecttexture" scripting=
less models, and even redressing scripts for infantry.
BTW, soldier with 5 different hats and many hidden selections
can become East Specnaz or West officer or Resistance Soldier...
Purpose: less addon size, sabotage missions.

Offline SoldierEPilot

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Re: How do you like Scripting Standart for Addons?
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jul 2014, 11:46:43 »

+50 cents for suggestion Number 1:

it's possible to detect addons with cfgAmmo section,
addons with any stringtable.csv are also easy to check out.
U can download the code for testing.

But I have no clue how to detect animation addons and
if there is no cfgAmmo section in config.cpp, only large model, then
it can remain more then 5 seconds/1 pbo for detection by camcreate.

The number of OFP addons is also can be bad factor.
So I think that unique string in stringtable.csv is the best decision.

Offline SoldierEPilot

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Re: How do you like Scripting Standart for Addons?
« Reply #2 on: 02 Aug 2014, 20:49:50 »
 Hello, community!
Please help me with research which is too hard for one man.

Not so hard as I thought :D
Already made addon/mod-detection system wich detects 59 addons  with "localize" command
and 120 - with "camcreate" one.
To be introduced in november as a part of realy big function library.
No help needed.
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